Project 365 – Day Thirteen (Sat-T)

It’s Tim’s day. Do grown ups get Special Days? Hmmm. That bears closer investigation. Certainly weekends are special around here. We often have friends over, play lots of games, watch movies and just generally relax.

Tim got up this morning and went straight to work on my computer. He knew I was eager to play with the blog template and needed some help so he set about researching things. It took quite a bit of time but yielded all sort of interesting information on how to get around wordpress. I pulled up my wonderful, garage sale Orange Chair next to Tim and read a cookbook I checked out from the library.

orange chair
Truly this chair has great potential! I can’t decide if it’s retro or terrible. Don’t answer that–it wasn’t a question. LOL It’s very comfy and will someday, hopefully, be recovered in something a little less eye-popping.

The cookbook I’m reading is wonderful. It’s by Pamela Anderson, called Perfect Recipes for Having People Over. I love the way the author has a section in each recipe for further notes–when you would want to serve this recipe, any short cuts you could take, appetizer, drink and dessert suggestions, etc. I can’t wait to try out some of her recipes. I love cookbooks but never seem to actually cook from them. I don’t know if it is possible to be a homeschooling mother of five with a somewhat tidy house and still be a creative chef (without snapping by the end of the first week).

Back to Tim. This is his blog day, right? Let’s see. Tim worked forever on the blog, changing things, tweaking colors, adding borders, adjusting headline fonts, etc. He even taught me how to do some of the (easy) managing as well so I can modify some of the simpler settings myself. He is a good husband!!!

I’m not sure where the rest of the day went. In the afternoon we had some dear friends over. They are leaving this week for a new Army assignment. We will surely miss them!! Josh just returned home from a year abroad in Korea. It was fun/interesting to hear the two men comparing stories as Sunday School teachers and children’s leaders. We basically threw Josh into the Cities and Knights Settlers of Catan game this evening with no time to work his way into it. The rest of his family has played with us several times on the easier level. No such luck for Josh. He did great and definitely held his own.

Josh and Tim

Tracy and I taught a US President’s class together at the homeschooling co-op last semester. She was an excellent co-teacher and I am so sad she won’t be here for the rest of the year. It would have been marvelous to work with her again. How am I going to teach Civil War without her???

tracy and K

The L boys have been great friends to our boys. Phillip and Joshua are definite kindred spirits. They spent part of their evening swapping logic, mind-bender stories.

philip and J

Daniel and David played with the two younger boys throughout the evening. The night wouldn’t have been complete without a group hug.

group hug

Things that occupied Tim’s time this Saturday–worked on his Sunday School class (studying I Corinthians 4 and 5), wrote and actually sealed and addressed several thank you notes, played Pirates, prepared lunch for at least 3 of the children, read his book, helped fix toppings for our pizzas, entertained guests, disciplined children, make us laugh and laughed with us, and on and on.

tim and rj

I was gone when this picture was taken–I’m not even going to ask what sort of game they were playing. Looks a bit silly for me!

It was a good day!

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2 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day Thirteen (Sat-T)”

  1. Kathy, I’m really enjoying your blog. I’m glad you got the blog bug. I can remember years ago (it seems) that you directed us to read Tim’s writing about a hike he’d taken…written in a Patrick McManus style…I belive that was the very first BLOG I’d ever read. LOL Oh – that reminds me to go look for the new McManus book and mail it over to Mike.

    I’m sad to hear your friends are moving… helps to think that God moves military folks where He wants them to accomplish His purpose…..for that spot at that time…and we move and move and move….LOL

  2. Thanks for that reminder, De’Etta. My sil gave the kids quite a pep talk on the importance in befriending military types (she and my bil are in Norway with the Army). For a little while the kids felt like they wanted to protect themselves from that experiencing that kind of sadness again. Dh grew up in the military so he encouraged them to enjoy the unique strengths in military folks.

    You are sweet to encourage me in my blogging. I know that I count your blog as a real motivator to start writing again. I love reading your family’s activities and how you document the fun with lots of photos. I hope dh will start to blog again as he is the gifted teacher in the family. Takes time to write well, though, and time is something we are always short on. Ha!

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