Project 365 – Day Twelve (Fri-S)

It’s Sarah’s (age 4 1/2) Special Day! Hooray, that means it’s also Friday and the weekend is upon us.

S closeup

Sarah has been working on a letter for a little friend who lives around the corner. She colored several pictures, wrote notes (with help from Mom) and included a tasty treat. Today we were finally able to pass it along.

sarah's letter

I always find it interesting to see how the children develop friendships. Although we haven’t lived there in over two years, David and Sarah immediately list people from the Duckabush when asked to name their good friends. We were very blessed, in particular, that one family had children whose ages matched almost perfectly with ours. It was a special time of friendship.

Sarah played with this neighbor girl recently and, I guess, she has been on her mind. She wanted to send her a letter. Sweet.

Book Review Time!

gneedle book

I think Sarah has convinced at least two different people to read her this book today. David loves its companion tale, Buzzle Billy, so it’s not surprising Sarah would choose this one as her current fave. I wish we had more books from the Building Christian Character series by Michael P. Waite. They are great–funny, told in rhyme, full of cute illustrations, and in the end, teach an important Biblical principle. The older three read them for years and it is fun to see the younger two pick them off the shelf.

bw gneedle
This is obiviously a serious tale!

Sarah worked for a long time creating a picture on our new whiteboard.

The rest of us were doing our history and read-alouds while Sarah sat in the dining room and drew her picture.

still drawing

Of course, I wasn’t doing much reading since I kept jumping up to take more pictures of Sarah. I couldn’t resist!!

sepia Sarah

Ta Da!! The final master piece. Truly a picture is worth a thousand (or at least several) words. Most of them escape me at this time.

final picture

Daniel and Rachel discovered some big blocks of ice in the back yard. They carried them over to the door to show me. When I went to grab my camera they quickly had Sarah hold the ice. “Cause it’s your Special Day, Sarah.” How perceptive are they–knowing I was trying to take lots of pictures of Sarah today. Of course, later on Rachel called me a Photo Maniac so it’s obvious how quickly even your family can turn on you. Ha!

sarah's ice

Doesn’t this girl EVER wear gloves? Where IS her mother?

Sarah has long been a very careful and creative little artist but lately she hasn’t shown much interest in coloring. I bought her a new coloring book for Christmas and she has barely noticed it, much less done any coloring. Well, David has gone overboard in his coloring, spending long moments sitting at the table with his Prismacolor pencils and Dover coloring books. Sarah pays keen attention to that which interests her older brother. So when Rachel borrowed her new book during our reading and colored a beautiful mermaid page, I wasn’t surprised to find Sarah on the floor later in the afternoon, working hard on a picture.

sarah colorsmore coloring

For her Special Day game, Sarah chose Feed the Kitty. She knew that it was HER Special Day and was determined to have everyone play a game with her. She was quite enthusiastic in rolling the dice.

feed the kittyyessleeping kitties

Every time she rolled two sleeping kitties she would throw her arms up into the air and say, “Yes!” It was hysterical. She was definitely an entertaining part of the game. Ha!

And, yes, we did have hot cocoa again this evening. If we’re not careful, the children will think they get hot chocolate on every game night (a dangerous, if yummy, tradition to start).

hot cocoa

Happy Special Day, Sarah!


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5 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day Twelve (Fri-S)”

  1. Suddenly I see that Sarah looks a lot like Rachel. Does anyone else say that? These are adorable pictures. I’m going to show them to Anna and Rachael when they come over today. WHEN will they get here??

    I esp love the ice picture. But the YES to rolling two kittens is also wonderful. SO ALIVE.

    Loving you. AK

  2. Your children are adorable…ok….manly, handsome for the guys. ::snort::

    I’ve never heard of Sara’s favorite book – I’ll have to look for the series. I love her masterpiece.

  3. I am a terrible scrapbooker — never make the time even though I have a container full of supplies. I agonize over color choices and my artistic vision is always greater than my ability or scope. I can, however, take pictures and do journaling on the blog. Already this blog has turned into a special place where I can capture some of the uniqueness of the children and take just a little snapshot of their lives today. I hope the kids will treasure it one day.

  4. Oh these photos of your little one are so cute! You can just see her yelling “Yes!” in that last photo! I’m loving your entries for Project 365!!!!

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