Pursuing Christ in Christmas

Celebrate HIM through whom all blessings flow!

Celebrate HIM through whom all blessings flow!

One of my greatest challenges in December is to keep my eyes on Jesus. I am easily distracted with the glitter and glam and fun of the holidays. This year, of course, was even busier/fuller than usual with Joshua’s wedding in Tennessee scheduled for December 18th.

Living a quiet, contemplative life does not come easy to me. My pace is usually more like – last minute, silly, occasionally frenzied, and very full.

We started an Advent family devotion through YouVersion. It was encouraging and meaningful, when we got to it. Many days we were busy with school, church activities, and our own lives to get to the devotion every night.


I’m so thankful that God’s grace covers my failures. That His grace is sufficient. That He knows I am weak and slow to learn. That His mercies are new every morning.

I am humbled that He made me, loved me from the beginning to the end, died for me, forgives me, and enables me to walk victoriously after Him.

Seeking Him in the midst of every season and in everything I do.

Project 365 – Day 337 (Dec 3)

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