What Daniel Found

In July, Daniel received an acceptance letter to Calvary Bible, and in August he and Tim set off for California. Watching the transformation and change that has gone on in Daniel’s life since he left for school has been incredibly moving.

I have seen the Lord grab hold of Daniel and fill him with a new power and passion for the Word.

Prayer has become one of his strengths.

He has faced the real temptations in his life with transparency and honesty, seeking accountability from other godly men.

In September we got a text (and pics) from Daniel.

“Hi Mom. This is a new chapter in my life. I got baptized!!”






My heart rejoices to see Daniel grow in wisdom and maturity. It is clear that he longs to follow God’s leading and call in his life. The school ended it’s year with a banquet of celebration. Although we couldn’t be there to enjoy the final moments, a dear friend who works at the college sent me a picture.

Bethany and Daniel all dressed up.

Bethany and Daniel all dressed up.

Daniel completed his first semester at Calvary successfully. So incredibly proud of him!!! He applied and was accepted to the program in Israel next year, leaving in February. God’s hand is on Daniel, and we are earnestly praying for him as he takes each step.

Project 365 – Day 338 (Dec 4)

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  1. Daniel has always been one of my favorite Edgrens, and this post makes me happy! I’m looking forward to more blogs about his progress! Way to go, Daniel

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