College Bound!

Today Daniel received a very exciting and anxiously-awaited email. We had hoped that word might come this week — we were so excited to get definitive notice today.

Daniel's college acceptance letter!

Daniel’s college acceptance letter!

Daniel spent the last year at Clover Park Technical College, studying low-voltage electricity and learning about fire alarms and security systems. Frustrated with the tedium of academic life at the end of his junior year, Daniel pressed us to allow him to pursue an alternative final year of high school. Truth be told, it wasn’t a resounding success. The coursework was not very challenging, and he was not inspired by the instructor or the subject matter of the course.

So when Daniel reached the end of his senior year, we weren’t sure how to advise him. Should he start taking classes at a local community college, to see if he can get back into the swing of academic life? Should he pursue a short-term mission trip? Or should he work a year or two, to gain some real-world experience, and maybe come to desire a college education? Maybe by working, he would find a career path that was inspiring …

We believe that Daniel is being stifled, to a certain extent, living at home. Most young men need a chance to make choices, determine their values and priorities, and, hopefully, acquire wisdom. Living under our roof, with Kathy’s tendency to “fuss” and my tendency to pompously “lecture,” we think that Daniel was not really able to stretch his metaphorical ‘legs’ and stride into manhood.

As Spring was ending and Summer beginning, we began to worry. What could Daniel do if he wasn’t eager for a four-year academic program, didn’t have a job that would allow him to support himself away from home, but was also suffocating a bit under our, ahem, mildly overpowering influence??

“Not to worry,” Rachel told us, confidently. “I’ll take care of things.”

Next thing we knew, Daniel had applied to Calvary Chapel Bible College, and was gathering letters of recommendation to send in. Several of our friends’ children have attended Calvary Chapel, and we think it will be a good fit for Daniel. What a great opportunity for him to spend a year or two studying the Bible and learning to live on his own, yet in a fairly controlled and safe environment, around other students who love Jesus!

Daniel is still a little in shock.

Daniel is still a little in shock.

We are so excited for Daniel, and delighted that he has been accepted. Calvary Chapel’s focus on servant leadership is an excellent fit for Daniel’s spiritual gifting, and we hope that he will thrive there.

It will be strange to have the three older kids away next year, with just David and Sarah home with us. Each of the kids add such an important dimension to our family, it is hard not to feel rather diminished when one or more of them are away. Visiting Joshua, we attended his church, and then engaged in a little family weirdness …

Preparing for a long drive, we gave each other a back massage ...

Preparing for a long drive, we gave each other a back massage …

We got a few strange looks from the other folks in the lobby — too bad that Joshua will now need to find another church.

CONGRATULATIONS, Daniel!!!! Can’t wait to see what this next year holds for you. We love you and are very proud of you!

Project 365, Day 194

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7 thoughts on “College Bound!”

  1. WOOHOO!!!! Daniel!!!! Awesome. Congratulations, Buddy!! I’m so excited for you. God’s got good things in store…..

    Rachel – I LOVE how you encouraged this!

    Love you, Weirdos! :)




    Seriously bro, congrats. This. Is. Huge.

  3. Congratulations Daniel! So proud of you!!! Praying for you as you continue to find what God has planned for you and your gifts.
    Love you boy… I mean, man :)

  4. I love how God takes our worries and “presumed” failures and turns them into something remarkable and beautiful. Thank you, Jesus, for pointing Daniel in the right direction. Congratulations to Daniel and to mom and dad! You guys have done superb with all your kiddos. I am right where you are. With two set to graduate in two years, I am anxious about where God will have them go. You have helped allievate some of my anxiety. God’s got this too!

  5. Glad tidings! Heartfelt congrat’s to DJ! Where is this place he’ll be hie-ing off to in a few too-short weeks? We totally “get” the diminishing. But I feel like it’s been a time for us parents – not just our young progeny – to step up to the plate of a new mission, a new direction.

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