Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

March 2004 010.jpg

Today started out rather dreary, so I decided to post a picture with a little sunshine. For some reason, my children (Sarah especially) like to scrunch up their faces whenever their picture is taken.

Each morning of this week, Kathy has taken the older three kids over to the cottage to do their schoolwork in relative peace. I walk over early to get the wood stove started, and they frequently amble over as a group to meet me or wait until I get back. Sarah and David like to be part of things; this picture was taken on the way back home.

So far it is working well for everyone — I am getting up earlier than I usually do, which pleases Kathy and helps me to get more work done before noon. Since I read my Bible and pray while I’m waiting for the stove to get going, it is helping me to be more regular in that discipline, as well. Kathy seems more cheerful; getting school DONE rather than dragging it out over the course of the day seems to help her a lot. Strangely, a win/win situation.

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