An Embarrassment of Whitespace

Now that I no longer ride the train, I find that I do not write very many blog entries. Tonight I posted two blogs from November that had never quite made it past my editor, and was dismayed to see the empty home page of our blog. I guess after 30 days or so of silence, the blog software stops trying to cover for me. How we’ve fallen from those heady early days when I posted two and even three times a week.

Mamie and Grandad Nov 2005 (54).jpg
Rachel working with her kind of whitespace.

I guess I have less angst these days … I’m comfortable in my new job, and enjoying a time of prosperity. My commute is not particularly conducive to writing, and once away from the habit of writing, it is easy to make excuses. But I worry about my faithful readers (both of them), pining away for lack of my pithy wisdom. Or something like that.

When I’m at a loss for something to say, one of my favorite conversation-starter questions (for Christians) is, “What is God teaching you, these days?” So let me ask myself that question.

Hmmm. Maybe that’s why I don’t have much to say in the blog … I don’t have a sense that God is particularly dealing with me on any one thing. I seem to be enjoying a time of peace, which is itself somewhat remarkable. Sometimes I wonder if this job and house and contentment is (in some sense) God’s restoration of the things that were taken from me (my job at AT&T Wireless, friends and fellowship, living in the Duckabush) over the past several years.

As Christmas approaches, my thoughts turn toward the King who gave up everything to come to live among us, and who is Himself restored to His full glory, seated at the right hand of the Father.

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