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Hello! Tim has been working hard getting this new (to us) blog format going. The changes are pretty much all behind the scenes (address didn’t change) but they should help us (me in particular) be able to blog more smoothly and, most importantly, include more pictures. I do think pictures are one of the very best things about blogs. I love to see snap shots into people’s lives.

The Edgren Girl Cousins at our Easter Tea PartyThe Edgren Girl Cousins at our Easter Tea Party

I have all sorts of work I should be doing. I’ve made Tim’s breakfast muffins already. They are cooling on the stove top. I still need to finish cleaning up from dinner. Who is on dinner duty this week?? I think it may be Daniel. Of course, he was sent to bed early for fussing at his father and is now in bed moaning over some stomach cramps. Sigh.

I guess either I convince Joshua to do the dishes and clear the table (possible) or I do them myself (more likely). I need to pack Tim’s lunch, work on my Bible study (BSF) lesson, and sneak in an exercise work out. Ha! I doubt all of that is going to get done as it’s already 9 pm.

Tomorrow Daniel and David have dentist appointments at 7:30 am. That is a terrible hour to be out doing errands, much less something as painful as having a cavity filled. Will Daniel be well enough to go? There may be a little bug going around family. Tim had some stomach cramps yesterday for about 15 minutes (then felt fine) and Daniel woke me up this morning at 6 am to say David had thrown up (was fine the rest of the day). Perhaps there is a 30 minute flu bug hitting our household. That’s got to be the shortest bug in history. Ha!

David and Sarah enjoying books on our swing in early April (not a sunny day)

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