Picture Panic

This evening I was happily enjoying some time with friends when suddenly I realized I hadn’t taken a single picture the entire day.

The entire day. Not one.

Now this may not seem significant to most people but to those of us who have embarked on the Project 365, this is serious stuff. Although I’m not sure what would happen, there are rumors, whispered among bloggers, of things such as these:

1. Self-destructing cameras
2. Visits from the Feds
3. The Project 365 icon forcibly removed from the blog
4. The mockery and derision of people everywhere
5. All of the above plus more

I shudder at the thought.

Thankfully I have five children ALL of whom love to traipse about the countryside (or even the suburbs) with my digital camera in tow, sure that they are expert photographers. Today I handed the camera into Rachel’s willing hands. She took several cute pictures of David and Sarah playing on the swings with our visiting friends, but the first 13 shots were all self-portraits.

Aren’t digital cameras wonderful. No wasted film. No money spent developing blurry pictures. No annoying double prints of pictures no one wants. Plenty of opportunities for shots like this.

rachel looks pensive

Or even better, something like this:

rachel's shirt

Yep, the project is saved. We have pictures. All is well with the world. Thank you, Rachel, for taking care of things for me. Keep practicing those smiles. Can you do vaguely annoyed and disgusted?

what a look!

I think she’s got it.

Project 365 – Day 189

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14 thoughts on “Picture Panic”

  1. Mostly it would be tears- large, uncontrolled tears. If there were no pictures from the Edgren bloggers!!

    Good job, Rachel. I love the lst one in particular-very pensive and lovely. You are beautiful, my dear!! And kind, thoughtful, creative, and smart. Does your Aunt Kate love you?? YES.

    Happy Monday to you Edgrens. AK

  2. This one made me laugh! Proves that Rachel is definately all kid! Everytime I let my kids have the camera there’s all sorts of self portraits on there – the piggy nose pictures, the cross-eyed pictures, etc…

    Good pictures Rach!!!

  3. Very good pictures!!! Of a very pretty young lady, I might add. Sam takes pictures with that same look. Rachel has beautiful lips…..Do you think Rachel will soon be the family photographer? She could…has the eye for it.

  4. Hey Rachel! I like your pictures! I like the first one you look like you are very thoughtful! The last one has the “Don’t mess with ME” look SCARY!

  5. LOL about forcibly removing the P365 icon (LOL)! Jen and I are the ones who suggested the P365 SHS ring and neither of us have kept on up on our pictures although I *have* posted a LOT of pictures. I’m working on catching up my blog as we speak (LOL). I admire how you took the project so seriously! Now… back to working on my blog.

  6. She’s ready for the catwalk? boardwalk? Where do models walk? Wherever, she’s ready.

  7. Rachel the pics are definately worth saving. When all else fails take pictures of yourself.

  8. Thank you, Rachel, for saving your mom from mockery and derision. You are a wonderful daughter. You could have allowed her to be mocked and derided? deridden? But you took the high road. You probably didn’t want her to drag down the good name of your family. I understand. (wink)

  9. Well, I thought number 4 was a given, what with us being Edgrens and all. But I suppose the shouts of derision and jeering would be louder, possibly mixed with some fruit.

    It appears that Rachel is contemplating the photographer’s demise in the first picture, and in the second she is leaning towards stepping on the camera itself. And in the third, she has decided that both the camera and the unfortunate photographer will soon face their fate.

  10. What a great set of photos…love the last one…great job, Rachel. You saved your mother much shame!

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