End of the line – the contest is over

All good things must come to an end.

Actually, this is rarely true. More accurately, the mediocre, not-very-good, half-baked things come to an end, as do a host of bad things, like death, disease, sorrow and empty Nutella jars. The really good things, like God’s faithfulness, His love, our life with him in Heaven — these things don’t end at all.

david and sarah say a toast

David and Sarah say, “Cheers!” to our winner.

Not to detract from our our silly July Comment Contest, but it does end.

Thank you so much for participating. It has been a pleasure hearing from all of you. We have been so glad to welcome you to the living room that is our blog. We’ve tracked the comments throughout the month, and we’re delighted to announce that Cynthia has won the contest, with Aunt Kate as runner-up. There were a total of 321 comments made throughout the month, with 43 different people commenting.

Cynthia gets first pick from among these CDs, and Aunt Kate chooses second, from these titles:

Matt Redman

Matt Redman is a worship leader and accomplished songwriter — this CD is available because we bought it twice by accident. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our copy.

Word of God Speak

Word of God Speak is a collection of songs taken directly from scripture, powerfully singable. I received a collection of these CDs for Fathers’ Day, and this one is a selection of the best of those three CDs.

Both these prizes are new, still in their plastic wrap, and will be mailed as soon as we know which are chosen by whom. We hope you like whichever one you get!

let's clink glasses

Come again! We’ll have another contest soon.

Again, thank you to all the others who commented so cheerfully. It adds a lot to our enjoyment as we write when we have at least the illusion that someone is reading our blog. :)


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