Merry Christmas

The children tell me I haven’t written a blog “in, like forever, Mom.” I can’t imagine what Tim and I have been up to, over the last few days. :)

Merry Christmas!! The rain is softly falling. It was snowing an hour ago but, this being Washington, we must bow to the inevitable as it and turns to rain.

“I’m dreaming of a rainy Christmas.”
That’s what we sing around here.

Viking Christmas
Thanks to all the rain, a longship was able to beach near our home, and we were forced to entertain a shipload of Vikings.

Well, maybe not.

We’re having a wonderful Christmas day. There is wrapping paper everywhere (always a good sign) and more presents under the tree. Tim and my parents connived to surprise me with an incredible Christmas gift. I’m thrilled, delighted, tickled, and excited.

Gingerbread Demolition
Sarah reluctantly agreed that we could eat the Gingerbread House that she built … Daniel was only to ready to oblige.

As is our tradition, we all slept in the family room on Christmas Eve, watching a Christmas movie late into the night, each child trying to stay awake long enough to catch a parent in the act of filling the stockings. “Saint Nicholas, my foot!” they snicker. “I remember Daddy tripping over Daniel last year — Saint Nick needs to wear night-vision goggles or something.”

Baskin Robbins certificates
Any Christmas with Baskin Robbins gift certificates is a good Christmas. Thank you, Mamie and Grand-dad!

We enjoyed a delightful service at church, singing Christmas carols and a good sermon, explaining why Jesus came to earth, as the Light of the World:

  • To let us know what God is like
  • To inform us of God’s loving plan
  • To guide our steps in this life
  • To handle the problem of our sin
  • To transform our lives

Candle light service
Sarah held her candle so carefully, there was no chance of lighting anyone’s hair on fire.

We are so grateful to our Lord and King, Jesus the Christ, for coming to earth as a helpless baby to save us from our sins. As we savor our new gifts and the delight in the eyes of our loved ones, we remember the King of Love who makes it all possible, and whose glorious birthday we honor. We are thankful for this precious Prince of Peace, who came, even when we were enemies to Him, so that we could be reconciled with God.

Merry Christmas to all!

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9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Merry Christmas, friend! But you MUST tell us about the fabulous gift that Tim and your parents conspired on! Don’t leave us hanging!! :)

  2. Seriously. What’s with telling us how thrilled and tickled and delighted and excited you are with the surprise from your parents and Tim, but NOT telling us what it was.
    Cindy and I have little choice to but make guesses:
    1. All-expenses-paid vacation to Indiana
    2. A maid
    3. Light-up Rudolph Christmas Sweater
    4. Dance Dance Revolution
    5. Pre-paid Funeral Certificate
    Better hurry and tell us before we fall off the edges of our seats and hurt ourselves.

    oh. and Merry Christmas to you all.

  3. Love the Viking hat! BUT it’s not fair to say how great your gift was but not tell WHAT is was! I’m waiting with baited breath to hear! Merry Christmas to all the Edgrens!

  4. Kathy and family, Merry Christmas.


    “Tim and my parents connived to surprise me with an incredible Christmas gift. I’m thrilled, delighted, tickled, and excited.”

    Are you going to share more?


    Lovely photo of Sarah with the candle. Rob bought me a new camera, he said it’s time for me to “grow up” (or something like that, lol). It’s too big to slip into my purse. I’m excited to use it (says the woman who has Photoshop unopened after 8 months).

  5. Kathy – Your family is just priceless! I love the tradition of sleeping in the family room watching Christmas movies and the crack about the night vision goggles for Saint Nick had us rolling : ) We also love the photo of the about-to-be-hammered gingerbread house and the one of Sarah with the candle is lovely. We hope you had a lovely Christmas! Things were just as rainy and wet to the south in Oregon : ) We had a couple of snowflakes too and Jacqui is fervently wishing for more!

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