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Today one of my helpful students informed me I have a lot of blogging to do by the end of 2008 in order to remain competitive with 2007′s blog posts.

You know things are slow in school when your kids spend time reading bloggy stats.

“Really, what do you mean?” I inquired sleepily over my cup of coffee, it was a slow moment for the teacher as well.

“Hmmm, your blogging is down for 2008,” Joshua said with a disapproving look, “There’s still a chance you can redeem the year but it’s not going to be easy. Let me look at the stats. Okay, you have about 100 posts to write and 97 days in which to write them.”

At first I was inspired and challenged. My back straightened and my mind immediately turned to the dozens of creative bloggy ideas I’ve been neglecting.

“Wow, that would be a fun,” I grinned, “we’ve written a post a day before. It’s not that hard. Sure things are a bit busier this year with all this homeschooling we’re doing do all the children really need to be educated?, but we could probably pull it off.

Just as I was turning to the computer to begin writing, my eye caught sight of Joshua’s face.

two hombres

Joshua and Timothy aren’t sure. “It’s not going to happen, Mrs. E.”

“Um, Mom, I might have made a slight error in my calculations. It looks like you need 200 blog posts for 2008, not 100.”

“What?? Does that mean I’d be writing TWO posts a day?” I always was good at math.

“Yeah, plus a couple of extra to hit the 400′s.”

That’s an awful lot of writing, editing, cutting, pasting, and Photoshopping. I haven’t even taken more than 3 pictures in the last week. I’m rusty!

On the other hand, there’s nothing quite like a deadline and a challenge to motivate me. I think part of the reason I continued with the Project 365 last year (with stubborn tenacity) was the fact that one of Tim’s friends told him I would probably grow tired of it after a few weeks.

Ha! I showed him.

There you go, I dare you to tell me we couldn’t publish 200 more blog posts in 2008! In fact, we might just post 201, that would really set some records.

What do you think? Is it worth it? A fun idea or stupid waste of time? If the budgeting and general weight loss plans don’t pan out, at least we could point to the blog stats with pride.

Depending on your definition of pride.


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9 thoughts on “Blog Number Alert”

  1. If you enjoy it, I’d say, “Go for it!”

    Of course, I don’t blog on weekends, but I do have two blogs I post to five times a week, and my personal blog gets a post every now-and-again, so it’s totally doable… the question is: Do you want to?


  2. I don’t know how you did it last year. That was a LOT of writing.. and GOOD writing to boot. I’m doing good if I get off a quickly get off an entry without even spelling checking or editing…

  3. I wouldn’t object to you posting more… but I think really making a big deal out of meeting last year’s stats would be counterproductive. You won’t have fun with that kind of pressure. You have more important things to do. And why take time away from the important things if it’s not even going to be fun?!

  4. I really enjoy blogging and have set it as my goal to write every day. I honestly don’t know if I could get out two quality posts in a day for the next 100 days. I might be tempted turn the second post into “Wordless” all the time, just a picture.

    If you want the challenge go for it, if you don’t really, then just blog as usual is what I say.

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