Christmas with Mamie

It is such an incredible blessing to spend time with my mom. She is beautiful, godly and a true servant. The joy, however, is always tinged with the sadness of missing my dad. This is the second Christmas without him and time has not diminished the ache of our loss. If anything, I think I miss him even more as the realization that he really and truly isn’t coming back hits me. The family picture is NOT complete without Grandad.

Such a blessing to have everyone gathered together for Christmas – we miss Grandad!

There are more things I wanted to discuss with him. There are projects around the house I had hoped he would do with Daniel and David. I wanted him to see how well Joshua is doing at college and marvel over Rachel’s new car and shake his head at how much we love our cat. I wanted to watch him hug the kids and listen to them talk about their friends and school and the books they are reading. I wanted to see him hold Mom’s hand and sing enthusiastically (off key of course) to the Christmas carols at church and watch Christmas movies with us.

We love Mamie!

It is a sweet comfort to know we will see each other again. I hold tightly to the truth that death does not part forever those who love Jesus and follow Him. And I am thankful beyond measure that I had such a godly, wise, loving earthly father and that my children had close, tender relationships with their grandfather.

Mamie and her oldest grandson.

In the meantime, as we wait for heaven or Christ’s return, I am holding tight to the gift of this time with Mamie. What an honor that she comes and spends weeks with us. It is worth the effort of shuffling kids around and sharing the space. She brings such a light and joy to our family times. Even her tears are a reminder of God’s love and His design for marriage – she grieves deeply because she loved wholeheartedly. I hope that I will be as closely bound to Tim in our marriage.

A restful moment at The Refuge!

The children love her (even if she says Grandad was the “fun one”). She is always ready for a game or an outing or a story. She is faithful and steady and gifted us with her service (she must have washed dozens of loads of laundry while she was here) and finances (paying for groceries and dinners out).

Laughter and joy – a silly moment.

Our last official outing – pedicures for the girls!

We love you, Mamie! Thank you for traveling to Washington to be with us. Thank you for loving my children and my friends. Thank you for pedicures and dinners and laundry and groceries. Thank you for tissues and cold medicine and wise council. Thank you for Christmas presents and little treats and clean dishes and helping me prepare many, many salads. It was NOT long enough! Please come back soon!!


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6 thoughts on “Christmas with Mamie”

  1. What a beautiful bond and love you all share. Such powerful message you give to us all. My grandmother has been gone for 18 years and Christmas is truly still the hardest for me. I don’t think we ever forget or ever get over the loss of the ones we love. The memories live on forever and ever. Hold tight. It’s amazing to see the love you all have for your Mom and to lift her up.

    Thanks for sharing this part of your life with all of us.

  2. Loved this post! How wonderful to see the photos of the whole family. The Edgren kids are all grown up! Cindy, you look so beautiful. Thanks, Katherine, for this blog.

  3. I love this blog and seeing your Mom and the whole family….great pictures. I wish time had permitted a card game…but next time.
    So beautiful put “she grieves deeply because she loved wholeheartedly”, you are truly blessed to have been part of that loving family.

    Loving you all, Margaret

  4. Beautiful post. I’ve been learning much about legacy and how a woman walks out these years and hears “well done” at the end…since Dad G went home in July. My Mother in law amazes me….so difficult…but such an example of grace and holding tight to Jesus….and your mother seems the same.

    Glad you had the season together.

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