Tennessee or Bust

Although it feels like it’s still the middle of summer, our hearts are turning toward school. At least for Joshua and Rachel as Union University begins classes on August 19th.

image Packing up!

image Road trip snacks

Tonight Tim, Joshua, David and Sarah pull out (in Rachel’s little Kia) for parts east/south. We were incredibly blessed by some friends who serviced Rachel’s car last night and got it all ready fo a big trip (and life in a college town).

They’ll make a stop in Yellowstone and then head on to Jackson to drop Joshua off on campus for his Life Group retreat.

image Love the new Starbucks mug Joshua brought me from Istanbul!

Rachel and I will head out next week, meet up with my mom and Daniel in Michigan and then drive to Union.
Sarah makes sure we don’t forget bug spray.

Rachel didn’t think this sword would fit in her car, but Joshua wanted to try.

Such exciting times and changes for our family. Next year will be so different with Joshua and Rachel both in college and Daniel full time at the vocation school.

And off they go…
image Joshua doesn’t look too sure about this trip.

image And with Tim driving (broken toe and all), who can blame him!

Praying for a safe trip!

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3 thoughts on “Tennessee or Bust”

  1. sniff, sniff! Did you get misty-eyed? I would have! Such a whirlwind week you’ve had / are having, and such adventures ahead.

  2. Sniff sniff…..didn’t even get to see Joshua before he left.
    How did I not hear about Tim breaking his toe? When? Can’t take you ANYWHERE, Huh, Mr. Edgren??
    Safe travels…..
    And RACHEL, you look SO beautiful in that pic……. Gonna miss you, Sweetie!!! :(*

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