Dan the Working Man

Today is a glorious day, and I’m not just talking about the weather (although it is in the low 70′s with clear blue skies).

My middle son, Daniel, got a job today. He’s been hired by a local small business owner to organize and clean his shop. I’ve been literally dancing and jumping with joy (sorry for that mental picture) since I got home — Kathy and I are so pleased that Dan has been afforded this opportunity.

Dan wore a tie to the interview, but brought working clothes in a knapsack.

Dan wore a tie to the interview, but brought working clothes in a knapsack.

The business owner (and presumably Daniel’s boss) is a Christian man; we couldn’t be more delighted for Daniel to have his first job working for a godly man. The job is right down Dan’s alley, requiring organization and diligence (two of Daniel’s great strengths).

This job opens up many possibilities for Daniel, since I made it a requirement before he could get his Driver’s License. Like many young men, Daniel thrives when given a challenge and he is no stranger to hard work — but he needed a chance to apply himself on a larger scale. Today God gave him that opportunity, and we are deeply thankful.

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6 thoughts on “Dan the Working Man”

    1. Haha David!

      And Those are two great strengths to have in the work world Daniel, no matter what you wind up doing. There’s strength in your name too!

      Keep listening to the teachings of your parents! :)

      Love you Daniel!!!

  1. Congratulations, Dan. This is good news. I am proud of you. You’ve been a good worker when you’ve worked for me, and I’m sure that will be the case in this new job. Is this part time? How long will it last? Although I had worked part-time since I was 8 years old, I got my first full time job the summer between my sophomore and junior years of High School. I got $10 a day, but was happy to get that. It was a summer job. I had to walk about 1/2 mile to meet my boss at an intersection at 7 am. So, I worked from 7-5, when I got dropped off at the same intersection and then walked home. I missed having the summer to “have fun” but learned how to paint signs, which served me well in the next years. So, go for it Daniel! Love Grandpa (and Grandma too).

  2. Wahoo! That’s my bro!

    He’s the man of the hour, the tower of power, too sweet to be sour: Dannyboy Edgren!

    Super happy for you, kid, and if you ever think to yourself, “Gosh, all this money and nothing to do with it,” my address is 391, 1050 Union University Dr. Jackson TN 38305.

    Also, looking great in that tie.

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