Christmas 2007

Highlights from 2006

We did many things, went several places, saw family, made friends, laughed and cried (not necessarily in that order). Six months (almost to the day) from Joshua’s appendectomy, Daniel’s appendix burst and he ended up in the hospital for a week, with weeks of home care and recovery. That was a stressful time; thankfully we all survived. :)

Highlights from 2007

General News

Homeschooling – Joshua is in 8th grade, Rachel 6th, Daniel 5th, David 1st and Sarah Kindergarten. This is a challenging year as ALL the children are now a fully integrated part of our homeschool.

Homeschooling Co-op – The family participates in a weekly co-op, allowing the children to take four classes each semester. They love being able to take some extracurricular, ‘elective’ courses. Kathy usually teaches two or three classes each term – Civil War, Kindergarten, Institute of Excellence in Writing, World War 2, Peace Makers, and so on. This fall Tim taught a computer course based on the Logo programming language.

YMCA Homeschooling PE – Twice a week the children attend a two hour PE program through the local YMCA. One hour is devoted to swimming instruction, the other hour to basic sports instruction (baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball, etc). Kathy assists in David and Sarah’s 5 & 6 year old class for one hour and uses the second hour to exercise.

Bible Study Fellowship – Following in their older siblings footsteps, Sarah and David have attended BSF with Kathy. Last year they studied the book of Genesis. This year David graduated out of BSF (sniff, sniff) and only Sarah accompanies Kathy. They are currently going through the book of Matthew.

Church – We have found a wonderful home church, becoming members in 2005. Tim is currently serving as an elder as well as teaching an excellent Adult Bible Study Class Sunday mornings. Kathy works in the children’s ministry department and has been on the Women’s Retreat Committee for several years running. Tim and Kathy co-lead a small group/home fellowship Bible study with 5 or 6 other couples.

Employment – Tim has worked for a major telecommunications company for two years now. He is in the 911 division and is able to telecommute two days a week.

AWANA – David, Sarah, Daniel and Rachel all enjoyed several years of the mid-week church program, AWANA. This year David and Sarah are in the Sparky’s level while Rachel assists in the younger, Cubbie, department. Joshua attends Middle School youth group and Daniel gets some one-on-one time at home with mom and dad.


We began Project 365 – a photo extravaganza of monumental proportions. Kathy committed to taking a picture every day of 2007, blogging along the way. Originally, she planned to give each family member a day and keep a photo journal of their interests, activities, hopes and dreams. This lasted about a month. Project 365 and blogging, however, lived on.

snowy day

This was our snow for the year!

You can find us at — Duckabush Blog

The blog is a mostly-daily family weblog journal, although we haven’t been able to garner much interest in writing among the children. They are, of course, faithful blog readers.

Rachel builds a snowman

There was enough snow for a snowman.

Tim and Kathy attended a Prayer Conference in Jefferson City, Oregon. Tim’s parents kept the children out at the Duckabush. They are such a blessing as grandparents and babysitters. :)

shall we gather at the table


David turned 6! What a blessing he is to our family. We love his sweet spirit, his endearing sense of humor and his zest for life.

making a few calls

David (wearing Daniel’s glasses) calls his broker and (occasionally) his lawyer.

time to go to the zoo

Kathy’s parents came for a visit. We relish our time with Mamie and Grandad – the kids fight over who gets to spend the night with them at their hotel (the free donuts and indoor pool are also a big draw).

both grandparents and all the kiddos

We feel very blessed to have a complete set of godly grandparents in our children’s lives.

Kathy attended the Beth Moore Conference in Redmond, WA. It was an amazing time of Biblical study. Double flat (first the regular, then the spare) tires on the way home made it an entertaining as well as spiritual weekend.


Lots of school, life, and time with friends.


poke war


Kathy helped plan and coordinate the church’s Women’s Retreat. Daniel turned 10!! We are amazed at what a fine, energetic young man he is growing to be. If there is adventure and mischief to be found, Daniel is there.

Joshua, Rachel and Daniel perform in the homeschooling drama’s production, How the West Was Dun.

Lone Stranger


Tim and Kathy celebrate 15 years of marriage!! Tim’s beloved grandmother went home to be with the Lord;Tim traveled to Pennsylvania for the funeral. It was a time of grieving, yet celebrating, with family and friends.


Kathy’s brother Philip married his beautiful bride, Emily, in Traverse City, Michigan. The entire family flew to Michigan for a long summer vacation. The wedding was perfect, Lake Michigan gorgeous, and the family time delightful.


Tim’s brother’s family – Mark, Elizabeth, Timothy, Rebecca and Samuel – came to Washington for a lovely visit. We spent a week in the Duckabush together attending Wilderness Northwest Day Camp. Kathy and Sarah celebrated their shared birthdays. Sarah turned 5 and Kathy turned, er, a little bit older.


Kathy and the kids spent time enjoying the sunshine – visiting some of the lakes and beaches of the area. Kathy and a friend attended a weekend Homeschooling Conference in Renton. Tim and the three boys went on a Father/Son camping trip near Mount Rainier. Rachel went away for a week of camp. While she was gone we painted and decorated the bedroom she and Sarah share. It was a fun surprise!


The whole family traveled to Mount Rainier for a weekend of camping. Our first ‘real’ camping trip!! School starts! The family goes to the state fair, spending the whole day looking at the exhibits and enjoying the rides. Tim and Kathy serve as publicity ‘chairs’, running the publicity campaign for the church’s building and growth program.


Kathy and Tim attend a church retreat at Cannon Beach Conference Center in Oregon. Later that same week, they travel to Williamsburg, VA for their 15th year College of William and Mary reunion, while Tim’s folks watch the kids for an 8-day Duckabush extravaganza. Tim celebrated his birthday (coinciding with National Cephalopod Day) followed by Joshua’s 14th birthday. Joshua seems to increase his height by an inch a month. He’s currently 6 feet and rapidly approaching 6’1”. His voice has deepened and he continues to grow into a kind, intelligent, mature young man.


Kathy is treated to a girls weekend away in Port Townsend with several dear friends from church. The family spends a long Thanksgiving weekend in the Duckabush, avoiding the shopping madness entirely. It is a lovely time of fellowship, food and lots of friends.


Rachel performs in two parades with the homeschooling drill team. Kathy enjoys the church’s elegant Christmas luncheon. Rachel turns 12!! She is becoming a lovely young woman with a witty sense of humor, a love for animals, and a passion for music and her friends.

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