MP3 Player

I bought a cool new MP3 player that has a little camera on it — this is a picture I took with it:


I admit, I am easily amused by technological toys; it is a characteristic I share with my brother and (I’m afraid) a lot of other men. Let’s face it — most of us never did quite get enough walkie-talkies or remote-control cars or video games. My new Archos MP3 player can take still shots, video, or voice recordings and it even has a little screen (very small, unfortunately) on which you can watch movies. A few weeks ago I loaded “Freaky Friday” onto it and watched it on the bus.

Kathy keeps asking me if I’m getting any use out of it — have I loaded up my music on it, etc. The truth of the matter is, I get a lot of fun just carrying it around. And no, I haven’t loaded up my music on it yet. But I did shoot some footage of driving up 101 (holding the MP3 player up below the rearview mirror). That section of the road is pretty curvy — driving with one hand on the wheel while taking video didn’t improve things much. I’m thinking of speeding it up several times and sneaking it into the next Refuge or Wilderness Northwest video.

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