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A Visit with Timothy

My nephew Timothy has been visiting with us the last few days; it has been a pleasure for us to have him with us. Sadly, he heads back to college tomorrow, taking some of the fun with him. On Friday, he joined us for a game party, and on Saturday he helped to pick out Rachel’s new kitten. Today we taught him to play Stone Age — I particularly like having him around because he takes even longer than I do, to decide what to do in a given game-turn.

I’m always being hassled for my careful, deliberate style in playing games. The kids like to tease me about it:

“Hey Mom,” one of them will quip. “It’s my turn after Dad’s turn, so I won’t be able to wash a load of laundry. I can, however, wash the dishes, clean my room, mow the yard and attend a swim meet while we wait for Dad.”

My children are hilarious.

Timothy missed his little brother, so Daniel stood in for Samuel.

I think part of the problem is that I play games, not so much against the other players, but against myself. I want to play each game (within the context of the luck of the draw and the choices of the other players) in the most efficient way, maximizing my chance to win. I don’t so much care if I win or lose, but mostly I want to be sure to squeeze every possible advantage out of each of my turns. I particularly hate to win when I don’t know how or why I was victorious.

It was a good day. We enjoyed Tung’s teaching on Luke 6 in Sunday School, an excellent lecture by Andy Frye of Worldview Academy fame, and a delicious meal back at home. My parents came by for a quick visit and belated birthday celebration for Timothy, and then we read a few chapters of our latest Gordon Korman book (A Semester in the Life of a Garbage Bag). We played a few more games (Race to the Galaxy, Stone Age) and finished the evening with a Tim Hawkins DVD. All in all, we counted the day a success.

Sometimes you count yourself lucky to get your own hand back from a game-turn.

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  1. what? birthday celebration? like with singing and balloons and presents and cake? Wow. Is 21 special or something? Thanks for being so kind & generous to our young man. You probably treated him better than we would have!

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