The End of All Things

I never thought it would come to this.

In spite of all the hype of the Mayan calendar, and 2012, and all that, I didn’t really think that the world would end this year.

Don’t get me wrong — Jesus can return any time He likes. But now the clock is ticking: Rachel picked out a kitten today at the Humane society, and we’re scheduled to bring it home on Friday.

Rachel with her soon-to-be-adopted kitten.

We’ve been without a pet for so long, we don’t really believe it will happen, I’ve been racking my brain for what will prevent us from being cat-owners; this is why I am feeling so apocalyptic.

Kathy tried to stage this picture, telling them all to point at the kitten … but she forgot to tell them where to point.

Clearly, we’ve forgotten all the lessons we learned from previous pet ownership, as chronicled in The Cowardly Cavy Caper.

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