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This week a visiting dignitary graced us with her presence. Rebecca Anne from Leavenworth flew into Sea-Tac Monday morning. Her arrival was greeted with great flourish and fanfare: fans screamed her name in delight while carrying large banners welcoming her to Washington. Her motorcade caused traffic snarls for hours as it made its way south of Seattle. Thankfully security was tight and everything proceeded smoothly.

August 04 Rebecca 086.jpg
Here Rebecca poses with a member of her welcoming committee

RA, or Becca as some family members call her, was escorted to her exclusive lodgings. As is expected for such a high ranking visitor, her accommodations were decorated in bright colors and strewn with luxuries. The air was filled with the fragrance of fresh flowers hand-picked from a nearby garden.

August 04 Rebecca 007.jpg

While she has not yet granted any interviews, it is rumored Becca is here to celebrate her birthday. She is apparently spending part of her time in the city, enjoying the cultural delights, and the remainder at a fashionable bed and breakfast at the edge of the Olympic National Forest. The staff at both locations are attentively waiting on her every whim as she relaxes from a strenuous year of school and work.

August 04 Rebecca 012.jpg
RA resting on some of the landscaped grounds near her room

Becca’s first several days were spent opening presents from family members far and wide. Many packages were mailed directly to her vacation spot. She even received gifts from overseas. This one here arrived on her birthday all the way from Korea.

August 04 Rebecca 079.jpg

Among the crowd was a young onlooker. Rebecca graciously welcomed him to her side as she opened gifts from grandparents.

August 04 Rebecca 047.jpg

Included in this gift box was a special letter that Becca read with careful detail causing much speculation on its form and content. Rebecca was careful to keep the personal letter confidential although there were many attempts to see it.

August 04 Rebecca 051.jpg

It’s obvious by this picture that onlookers even attempted to sneak into Rebecca’s private gift opening time. The life of a celebrity is difficult and taxing. Privacy is a rare and precious thing. Thankfully Becca shows grace and charm at all times, acting as if she doesn’t notice the interloper.

August 04 Rebecca 070.jpg

After the birthday celebration, Rebecca was hurried out to the country for the next part of her visit. Traveling incognito with a caravan of mini vans, she made it safely to the Olympic Peninsula. Fans have since spotted her playing games, going on hikes and even mingling with some of the locals during her time in the Duckabush. One fortunate person was treated to special attention as Becca worked with him on a piece of creative writing. As part of the spa accommodations there have been many gourmet meals. It is whispered that Becca has even deigned to spend time in the kitchen herself. Her skills as a cake decorator and chef are widely known. The paparazzi managed to get some pictures of birthday cake.

August 04 Rebecca 035.jpg

Star-struck fans gather around the famed visitor as she poses near her cake.

August 04 Rebecca 038.jpg

Today Becca was invited on a private picnic soiree down at the water. The sights were breathtaking and the company delightful. This evening several select friends and family gathered for an entertainment extravaganza featuring a movie presentation of The Mouse that Roared.

August 04 Rebecca 075.jpg
Photo by Rachel

Becca is certainly in high demand here in the country but the duties of her public life call to her and I fear she must leave us tomorrow. She heads back into the city first thing in the afternoon for a performance of the Jesus of Nazareth Passion Play. There is some hope that she will be signing autographs along with the cast after the event.

Further reports forthcoming.
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