Costa Rica Part 2

More thoughts on Costa Rica from Cindy:

One day we rode a canopy over the rain forest and saw gorgeous vegetation from above.

Canopy ride

We were intrigued by all the secondary plants that are able to grow on the primary tree; each one seeking the sun while at the same time firing long, arrow-like roots to the distant ground.

Another time our bus stopped to observe a native banana-harvesting operation, as they readied the bananas for export. It was fascinating to see how each bunch was conveyed to the plant where they were washed, sorted and boxed for shipping.

We drove to the Pacific coast (across the continental divide). Bill was tickled to be able to jog along the beach on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts in the same week.

We stayed at Jaco Beach and spent the morning at the shore, surrounded by monkeys and beautiful birds.

On the way to the beach, we took a hike that included crossing a suspended bridge. It wasn’t as scary as some of us feared. It was 30 or so feet off the ground.

entrance to bridge

The entrance to the bridge.

grandad on the bridge

crossing bridge

below the bridge


We spotted many iguana during our trip to Costa Rica.

One of the highlights of our trip was eating meals and playing cards each evening with Bill’s brothers and their wives.

dinner together

another dinner

playing cards

Along the trip we enjoyed the many beautiful plants and flowers.

dad and the plants

steve and flowers

hotel flowers

All of the hotels had pools – some days we were too busy to enjoy swimming but when we had a free moment we went down to the water.

dad at the pool

mom and the pool

pool time

pretty pool

The highlight for shopping was in the town of Sarchi, home of the famous Costa Rican ox carts. Painting ox carts is their specialty and we saw many beautiful examples of their work.


traditional ox cart

You can buy one of their painted ox carts and have them disassembled and shipped home. Kate – wouldn’t one of these look beautiful in your Fort Clark sunroom!

dad's cart

painted cart

Finally it was time to go home. We flew on the same plane with Steve and Debby to Charlotte, NC.

leaving san jose for charlotte

This was an amazing sunset that Bill captured with his camera.

sunset flying home

When we left Costa Rica, the temperature was 85 degrees and the sun was shining brightly. When we arrived in Michigan it was 10 degrees. We left the next day for Seattle where it was 50 degrees with nary a sunbeam in sight. Isn’t this an amazing world God has created.


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  1. I love the pictures. The water- oH MY. I love, esp. the pics of Cindy!! You look beautiful in EACH one, my twinny twin. Is that an actual photo from the plane leaving? It’s magnificent.

    I want to go!! AK

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