P365 – Day 38 (Last Full Day)

I have all sorts of pictures from the day. Thank goodness I haven’t felt constrained or limited by the whole “Take One Picture” aspect of the Project 365. Lol! This certainly is going to be a well documented year if I keep this up. I have always used my e-mails as a point of reference when I need to look up an event or special family occasion – now I have this blog as a tool as well (complete with pictures).

This was our last full day with my parents. All three of the boys spent the night at the hotel so they swam away the morning while we slept in. Sarah didn’t get up until after 9:30 am. She was a tired little camper.

Dad was very gracious and worked on several home projects for me. He took down our screen door and fixed it – repaired the screen (which broke the FIRST day we put it up), added a grill on the inside so the screen will last at least a week this time, shaved the side a bit so the door would fit properly, and added a pneumatic closer so the door won’t slam shut (although most of the family has become very trained at catching the door before it slams).

grandad and the door

Sarah happened to walk by when I had the camera so she made it into the pictures. She didn’t really “help” but she poses so nicely it looks like she was a helper. We won’t tell if you don’t.

sarah helping almost done with the door

Mom did laundry while we worked on her Costa Rica blog. She washed loads and loads of dirty clothes and even went through the entire sock basket, trying to match up socks. Thank you, Mom!!

mom and the socks

David is crazy about these new goggles. I had to get a picture of him wearing them around the house. Too funny.

david's goggles

As soon as he arrived home from the morning’s swim, David came and told me he had some thoughts about the day. “Since this is our last day with Mamie and Grandad, I’ve been thinking we should do something special,” he said. “I thought we should probably go to McDonald’s Playland for lunch. What do you think, Mommy?” How could I resist? A “fun outing” at McDonald’s – do we live right or what? Lol!!

Playland kiddos

Of course, if ice cream is involved, that does make it pretty special.

ice cream 1ice cream 2 Joshua

Joshua is too old to play on the equipment so he brought along a book. He manages to enjoy his ice cream cone while reading – a multitasker if ever I saw one!

ice cream 3

Back at home, full of hamburgers and ice cream, Grandad went to work putting the molding up around our large white board. Thanks, Erica, for this great idea! We love the whiteboard and use it all the time. It’s nice because the size fits all – everyone can reach a spot upon which to write.

filling in the cracksdaniel, sarah and g'dad

The rest of us played Apples to Apples (Bible version) while Grandad worked.

game time

We canceled our Wednesday night outings in favor of family time. We went out for a yummy meal at Applebee’s and then came home to play Citadels. I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed their dinner choices. Some even had a repeat of their lunch menu – hamburgers and fries.

We had a little wait for a table but eventually got a nice spot, big enough for the 9 of us.

waiting for a tablewaiting for a table - group

dinner table

Back at home, David and Sarah played on the floor (an elaborate game involving Playmobil people, a Imaginext jeep, and several warriors) while we played Citadels. Rachel decided not to play the game. She did some e-mailing and then came to consult Mamie on her game choices. Citadels is lots of fun. I like it – it still takes us a little while (as we’re figuring things out) but isn’t a very complicated game. There is strategy and competition but it’s also a building game. Fun.

David and Sarah play

Thank you for the wonderful visit, Mom and Dad! Come back any time. Fly safely! We love you.


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7 thoughts on “P365 – Day 38 (Last Full Day)”

  1. Kathy,

    Don’t you just love it when your parents come in town. My mom and dad live about 2 1/2 hours away but they only make it here every few months. I love it when dad helps me with house projects too! Looks like you had a great time.

  2. What a great time you all had. Is that a homemade white board? It looks great. My parents only live about 30 miles away and we get to see them regularly. It is such a blessing to us. Wonderful photos of wonderful visit.

  3. What precious family time!!!! I had a great big smile when I viewed the photo of your mom with the socks spread out across your couch. My mom does the exact thing when she visits. LOL

  4. Yes, the whiteboard is homemade. It’s wonderful!!! We bought a showerboard from Home Depot ($13) and then added the molding. The kids are crazy about it. They use it all the time. So far I don’t “teach” from it that much but it’s still fairly new to our house.

  5. How sweet of your parents to help you catch up on projects around the house!

    I’m with you on the whole detailed record of family life now that we are blogging! I’m NOT even going to stress about this year’s photo albums. I’m going to blog and not think twice about trying to scrapbook this year. I AM going to use any scrapbooking time I have to catch up my vacation albums though and then try to catch up old albums….. again.. not worry about anything current since I have the blog to refer to.

    Have you tried to back yours up yet? I need to figure that out because I would sure hate to lose this record!

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