P365 – Day 38 (One more swim)

We got up early (for some very vague definitions of “early”) and went over for one last swim at the hotel. I’m always amazed at how eager the children are to get into the pool. The girls spent the night so they were up early and had already been in the pool for an hour by the time we arrived. We joined them for some breakfast and then got right into our suits.


grandad and david

The matching boys!

Mom and Dad left for the airport around 10 am. We went home and tried to get in a full day of school. Sarah asked if we could go to the hotel tomorrow. She didn’t understand why we couldn’t have breakfast there again. Finally Joshua helped me explain things by telling her we didn’t have the key to the pool or bedroom anymore. She understood that Mamie and Grandad were gone but didn’t see why that should stop her from swimming at the hotel. Lol!

swimming kiddos

jumping sarah

A blurry shot but I had to include it as it shows Sarah JUMPING fearlessly into the pool.

Tomorrow we have our homeschooling co-op. I have a busy schedule as I’m “on” for all three of my classes (unlike last week when I left early to go to the Beth Moore conference). I have everything (almost) prepared. I’m too tired to concentrate on it any more this evening. I’ll finish the rest in the morning.

Joshua and Grandad

Look how tall Joshua is getting!

saying goodbye

One last hug goodbye!

It’s been a mild week, temperature wise. The children played outside today – they have some new elaborate robot game going. I stay out of it so long as no one is being hurt and the neighbor’s homes all seem to be intact. Mom called to say they were home safely. Thank You, Lord, for holding them in Your most capable hands. It was 15 degrees in Michigan. Ouch, that’s cold!

All for now!


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One thought on “P365 – Day 38 (One more swim)”

  1. FUN. We love staying at hotels… it’s the one place I *CAN* relax… no piles of work staring at me!

    I’ll have to look further into your blog to see what all you do at your coop and how it’s run. If you haven’t posted that maybe you can… if you already have I’ll find it the further back I go. I’m always looking for info on how other peoples coops work. Ours will be up to 30 families and about 100 kids next year.

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