Winter Wonderland

I had some trouble posting pictures last night so I didn’t finish this blog. Tim worked on things and set up a new way for me to upload my pictures.

Wednesday we awoke to a beautiful snowy vista. Now in western WA an inch (or so) can shut things down. All the schools in the area were closed which meant BSF was cancelled and the YMCA classes. My goodness! To this former Michigander it’s hard not to laugh out loud at such a reaction to a small amount of snow. And yet, there was definitely ice under the snow and it was cold outside (at least cold for WA). Thankfully Tim was working from home and didn’t have to deal with an icy commute. The kids were thrilled to see the yard and trees covered with snow. They worked hard to finish their math and scramble into snow gear and head outside.

housesnow tree

Joshua and Daniel grabbed some rope and a sled and used the road as their runway.

Joshua and danieldaniel sleds
Away he goes!!
daniel sleds
And back down the other way.

Rachel made a wonderful snowman or rather a snowgirl.

rachel's snowman

Give her a little hug!

After outside play, there was a definite need for hot cocoa.

hot cocoa

A good snow day.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland”

  1. Hey Kath – that is so funny about the snow! Lame but funny. I remember jeff landon telling me when it snowed barely any when he was in Indiana near Kentucky. He said that people were freakin out – had chains on their tires. Then there were other people who had no idea how to judge the distances! He said he was more scared of the other drivers who had no clue than the roads themeselves! haha. Love you guys! we’ll have a few snow days for ya!


  2. I love these pictures. How wonderful to show the snow on the branches!! We have that view often-but I don’t get it shot and sent to share!!

    I loved the idea of sledding down the street. Remember- I LOVE sledding.

    Precious picture of the girls with hot choc at the table.

    Missing my Cindy. Loving you. Aunt Kate

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