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I absolutely love my digital camera! It is small and portable and easy to use. Tim researched cameras for a long time and was determined to pick out one that I would actually use. He succeeded and lately I’ve gone picture crazy. I grab my camera throughout the day to capture the silly and fun things that the kids are doing or to try out something I’ve learned about picture taking.

Since we have this handy blog and it costs nothing to post picture after picture, I find myself with a lovely forum to express my photo mania. Enjoy or ignore as you wish.

David got some wonderful new Dover coloring books for Christmas. He was so excited to get his OWN History of Sword book (like his brother Joshua). Here he is, hard at work.
David colors David smiles and colorsworking hard

I’m still playing with the flash vs. natural light canera thing (could I be any less technical?). Whenever I notice the natural light appears to be strong, I grab a child, pose them and fire away. These are the black and white shots I took of Sarah.

B/W SarahB and W Sarah

One thing I read in the photography book by Nick Kelsh was to begin laughing, deep, silly belly laughs just as you are about to take a pictures (works best if you have a tripod for the obvious reasons). Most people will smile, laugh, or at least be amused at their rather odd photographer and you can get some good shots. The children know I’ve discovered this and so they try hard not to laugh. We’ve started having contests to see if they can resist my laughter.

Rachel doesn't laugh

Rachel laughs

Rachel tries but can’t make it. Daniel doesn’t fare much better.
Daniel resistsDaniel laughs

Joshua does the best (never quite breaking into laughter) but notice how stern he must compose his face to begin. Rachel and Daniel tried to help by laughing uproariously from the kitchen while I took these pictures.

Stern Joshua
Joshua smiles

Enough silliness–back to work.

back to work

I stayed up much too late last night so I need to get to bed at a decent hour tonight. My BSF lesson is all finished, Daniel did the dinner dishes, and the house is relatively picked up so I should be able to retire for the evening. The rest of the family is already in bed.


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