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This December 9th our dear daughter, Rachel, turned nine years old. We all thought it was very fun that she was turning nine on the ninth. Birthdays, as you know (if you’ve been reading this blog over the past year) are something to be celebrated in a big way in our family. We had a birthday party in the works, but the birthday girl and the Birthday Coordinator couldn’t come to an agreement on the plan. It was amusing to watch the two (Rachel and Joshua) work it out — or rather not work it out. Rachel wanted an animal-themed party, but we’ve done that before and the subject was ‘boring’ to Joshua. The ideas Joshua presented were rejected by Rachel. Finally I suggested we have a friend over for the weekend and abandon the whole party idea.

Everyone agreed with that plan and I was off the hook for party decorations and organizing. Whew!

This year Rachel’s birthday fell on a Thursday (excellent planning on her part) so Tim was able to be around for the whole day. Joshua got up early and fixed a lovely breakfast for Rachel (and the rest of us). Rachel decided to have her breakfast ‘on the couch’ rather than in bed — probably due to the fact she’s now sleeping in a bunk bed. It makes it a little difficult to serve breakfast, and it is hard to explain syrup stains on the ceiling.

December 2004 103.jpg
Princess for the Day, low-budget crown notwithstanding.

We took the day off from school and Rachel had a wonderful time playing with all of her presents. A friend had given her a Strawberry Shortcake horse the day before, so Daniel and I arranged for Tim to pick up another horse and a little doll to join the set. Rachel was so surprised that she would get some coordinating toys. She was delighted with her new things and spent the day wearing her new in-line skates and playing with toys.

In the afternoon Tim’s mom called and said she had a birthday cake for the Nine Year Old Girl and asked if she could bring it over. My goodness! No party to plan, a birthday breakfast chef in the family, and a gorgeously decorated cake delivered to my door. What more could a mother ask?

December 2004 123.jpg
To Rachel’s sadness, this is the only kitten she’ll be getting this year.

Rachel opened some presents with Grandma (Grandpa was out at the property working on the Retreat Center building). We had dinner in the dining room with our fancy china plates and crystal glasses. We even enjoyed sparkling cider with our meal. Dinner consisted of Rachel Favorites—macaroni and cheese (Kraft box), pears and little smokies. I’m almost embarrassed to write the menu.

December 2004 148.jpg
Kids, don’t try this at home — leave it to the paid professionals.

After dinner Tim’s mom came over to join us for cake and ice cream. It was a lovely celebration! The next day Leanne came over to spend the weekend. She joined us in two plays, a neighborhood party, and church. A busy, fun weekend.

I’m very proud of the young girl Rachel is growing up to be. She loves the Lord, is eager to read and learn new things. She loves honesty and justice. She cares for her little brother and sister and delights in their sweet ways. She can reach beyond her age and play with Joshua as well as relax and have fun with Daniel. She is a very satisfactory daughter and I’m pleased to be her mother.

December 2004 006.jpg
Sisters forever.

Lately we’ve been enjoying some mother/daughter shopping times in the evening. One night there was an accident at a store downtown and Rachel was eager to return home safely. She said to me, “In case we don’t make it home, I want you to know I love you. You have been a good mother to me.”

Precious moments.

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