Quotes of Christmas

Here are a few quotes that may tell you something about our Christmas (or not):

Christmas Eve:
Tim: “Kathy, after careful consideration, I’ve decided to generously let you have the beloved Green Stocking.”
(Much laughter as we looked to see Tim’s NEW stocking (three times the size of all the rest)!

December 2005 280.jpg

Sarah: “Purple pajamas! JUST what I wanted!”

Sarah: “Mommy, do you see my purple pajamas? They are JUST what I wanted!”

Joshua:”Look, my new pajamas are camouflage. No, wait, those are skulls! Ewww.”

Christmas Morning

Kathy (spooning extra frosting onto David’s sweet roll): “I hope all this sugar won’t go to your head!”

David (eyes greedily devouring his sweet roll, ready to promise whatever it takes): “It won’t!”

Joshua (who spent at least 10 minutes trying to get Daniel’s new G. I. Joe out of the box): “This is ridiculous! They’ve got this guy tied down like he’s a prisoner of war!”

Sarah (handing Kathy a small 2-inch by 4-inch present: “Mama, this is your big one!”

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