Vacuum Give-Away

No, sorry to say, I’m not the one giving away a vacuum cleaner. I can’t spare mine. Every month or so it’s time to vacuum and I wouldn’t know what to do without it. Just kidding, the kids are regular vacuumers (is that a word?) and several of them can actually change the bag like a pro.

5 Minutes for Moms (a website that encourages bloggers to connect) is hosting a vacuum give-away. Go to the website and sign up your blog name (they also have instructions on how to be a part of the contest if you don’t have a blog).


This Dyson Slim vacuum cleaner is worth over $450. What an incredible give-away. A big thanks to Susan and Janice (the twin sisters who run the 5Minutes4Moms blog) for reviewing the vacuum cleaner and sharing the opportunity with us.


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4 thoughts on “Vacuum Give-Away”

  1. I guess, in some ways, I really shouldn’t publicize a contest when it will result in less chances for me to win. Hmmm. Still, I just couldn’t let a fun opportunity pass. It’s so fun to win something new.

    Of course, I WON’T say ‘good luck’. Ha!!! It will be fun to see who wins.

  2. LOL… for a split second I was thinking what???? you only vacuum every other month or so (LOL)… then I saw you were teasing….whew….. I was starting to think I was a fanatic or something.

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