P365 – Day 89 (A Girl & Her Cellphone)

I swapped two of the boys for two girls this afternoon. What a trade! It leaves Joshua a little outnumbered but that can’t be helped. The house is full of scampering and skipping about with little dolls in hand instead of wrestling and charging around with cars and swords.

The truly scary moment came in the evening when I snapped this series of pictures. Are these girls teenagers in the making?

sarah and elise

Elise, is this going to be a long call because we’ve got things to do before we go to bed?


I’ll just pose for the camera while she’s on the phone. Check out those goggles!

both talking

Sarah: Oh what a beautiful evening, oh what a beautiful night. I’ve got a beautiful feeling, everything’s going my way.

Elise: Yes, Mom, okay, yes, I love you too. You’re a little off key there, Sarah.

Now to be fair Elise was on the phone saying good night to her mother and didn’t request to use the phone but still, all I could think about was these two cuties ten years from now.


“Just a second, Mom, I’ve got to smile pretty for the camera.”

It took me a little bit but I finally wrestled the phone from the girls and sent them off to bed. :) I’m not ready for teenager girls, yet!


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7 thoughts on “P365 – Day 89 (A Girl & Her Cellphone)”

  1. Sweet girls. I love the sweet conversations Anna has with her folks when she has slept over. Saying nite nite and all.

    I love you all. Aunt Kate

  2. That’s a very cute smile there, girls. Tell your mother hello for me, Elise. This is Rachel. Mom told me I should comment, so here it is.

  3. Let me just share…teenage girls are an “adventure”. So much fun one minute, so much heartache the next. I have enjoyed it, though.

  4. Thanks for saying that, Diann. I guess I should be careful about being negative. “I am not scared of teenagers” (repeat as necessary). Ha! That said, I am NOT ready for my sweet 4 and 10 year olds to grow up sooner than necessary.

    Your girls are beautiful!

  5. I didn’t see this last night, how CUTE!!

    Sarah and Elise must be the cutest girls alive, no bias or anything. Was that really when we were on the phone?

  6. and the time comes WAY TOO FAST! Both of our girls are now teenagers. They’re still very sweet, but I sure miss the days when they were “little.”

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