P365 – Day 90 (Pancakes w/Asparagus)

This morning Kathy had the privilege of driving a good friend to the airport at 5:30 in the morning. I tried not to snicker into my pillow as she stumbled around the bathroom … such actions do not promote marital bliss, in my experience. Still, it was hard not to take some satisfaction in the thought that Kathy was sharing in one of the unpleasant facets of my life, since I have to get up early most days.

As the day progressed, it never did deliver on the promised sunshine, but stayed gloomy all day. I kept waiting for Kathy to ‘crash’, since she had stayed up late the night before. Instead, she got a little punch-happy, which was a little strange for the kids.

tim's dinner plate
Kathy always likes to ensure that there is some greenery on our plates.

I never have been very fond of asparagus, and have enjoyed it only once (when Kathy’s aunt served it in Minneapolis). As you can see, our Saturday evening traditional pancake feast took a nasty turn.

tasty pancake
I’m don’t think this photo will make it to the cover of the Williams Sonoma catalog.

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7 thoughts on “P365 – Day 90 (Pancakes w/Asparagus)”

  1. I love reading what you and Kathy write, you should be on T.V., I’d watch it then.

    The picture says it all..BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  2. We usually eat Redneck Asparagus, just cook it and dip it in mayonnaise. It tastes MUCH better than it sounds, LOL!

  3. Sadly, this was not a creative April Fool’s Day breakfast (I think my kids would have revolted). Tim is downplaying my silliness quite a bit. I was in an EXTREMELY weird mood. I was just staying on my feet by sheer coffee alone. Rachel went to the store with me in the evening and couldn’t believe my strange behavior – driving wildly down the street, racing the cart in the parking lot, jumping up on the car, stuff like that. The children were all pleased when I was calm and back to my old boring self again. :)

  4. Actually this looks SOOO good! I often am in a quandary as to what to put on pancakes since I really prefer not to have sweet things with my meal and all the traditional toppings for pancakes are sweet for some reason. Now I have the perfect option since I love asparagus.

  5. Now that was tooooooooooo funny!!!! You all would be so much to get together with!!! Maybe someday . .. .

  6. LOL.. hilarious… reminds me of the time one of my friend’s told me that she really likes me “on coffee.” See. I rarely drink coffee or pop so when I do I tend to be quite talkative and goofy

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