Virtual Yard Sale

It is Spring, so we’re de-cluttering. We have a bunch of treasures that need a new home. If you would like any of these things, come and get them. Any donations in return for these items will be used to benefit some of our favorite missionaries, who are home on furlough but return to Thailand in August.

We’ll list available items on this page — please check back from time to time, we’ll be updating our inventory.

  • Heated towel rack (new, satin nickel color, purchased at Amazon) Heated Towel Rack
    Enjoy heated towels on those cold, rainy mornings.
  • Baby Einstein Musical Mobile Jumper (used)

    Jump & Jam
  • Graco booster seat (used)

    Graco Turbobooster backless seat
  • Boy’s 16″ Mongoose green bike (used)

    Looks like this one, but not exactly
  • FM Stereo modulator (new, can add auxiliary audio input to existing car radio, see description here: FM Modulator)
    FM Modulator
    Still new in the package.
  • DVD duplicator, 1 to 1, (16x speed capable)

    Similar to this one
  • Weight-lifting bench (no weights)
    Weight Bench
    Looks a lot like this one, pictured above.
  • Powerhouse IMPEX Strength Station (used)
    Strength Station
    This quality 7′ free standing unit will allow you to do push ups, pull ups, sit ups, dips, upright crunches, & leg lifts.
  • 9″ TV/VCR combo (great for garage or shop)

    Looks like this one, but not exactly
  • Two 17″ CRT computer monitors (not flat-screen)

    They look like this one, but not exactly
  • Family Game Collection (chess, tic-tac-toe, checkers, Chinese checkers, solitaire, backgammon, pass out, and mancala)

    Lots of games, all in one case
  • 8000 BTU Air Conditioner (Kenmore), lightly used
    Air Conditioner
    Great for those 3 days a year when it is hot in Washington.
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7 thoughts on “Virtual Yard Sale”

  1. I know Abby Johnson would love the mobile jumper! She’s looking for something like that. I”ll send her this link.

  2. Great idea! I noticed you have no asking prices am I to assume that you are taking best offer?

  3. Yes, any offer will be accepted. Obviously, we’re hoping to raise some money for our missionary project, but we’re mainly looking to find new homes for these items.

  4. Tim , I will buy the ” Family game collection ” for $ 50.00 , if the price is ok
    with you . Can you let me know where to send the check ? Thanks.


  5. Hoang, you are very kind. The game collection sells on Amazon for $20 or so. How ’bout I mail it to you and then you can decide how much you want to pay for it. :)

  6. Ok ! Say , you have that old game we use to play together ? was it
    Stratigo ? It has been a long time ago ! I will stay firm on my offer .


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