An Alaska Survivor?

We aren’t a tv watching family (except for dvd’s which have opened up for us the world of Gilligan’s Island, Monk and select others). Still we do live in the world and aren’t completely ignorant of the tv trends that ebb and flow.

oh yeah - that looks cold!

When I read this post I chuckled and chuckled.

It was late. And I was tired. And I have a list of to do’s that is going to keep me awake all night (gotta do that fretting sometime). In other words, I was not in a particularly funny mood.

I have some friends who LOVE Alaska. Me, I can’t comprehend the draw of a place so cold and dark for a good part of the year. :)

Go by and visit Scribbit. Read her post about an Alaska Survivor. It’s priceless!!

Kathy (still chuckling)

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6 thoughts on “An Alaska Survivor?”

  1. Kathy,
    That was HILARIOUS! I think I might like to go back to that blog when I have a few more minutes. Where do you run across it? Someone you know or were you surfing a certain loop?

  2. What a great blog site! Quite funny. I happened to read the current one about cleaning kid’s room and THE MAD BAG! I loved it! I’m going to have a Mad Bag myself – loved the idea….I’ve added her blog to ones to read. Thanks!

  3. Well thanks so much for the mention, glad you liked it.

    And it is pretty dark and cold but right now you gotta love sun at 11 pm :)

    Though June (typically our best month for weather) has stunk. Gray and cold to the point where my husband and I keep saying “With weather like this Hawaii is looking better and better each day.”

  4. I need to make sure De’Etta sees this as she’s heading to Alaska this summer. Joshua read the link this morning and laughed outloud several times. We call him Otter Boy sometimes (well, we used to) because he loves the cold water and doesn’t mind the chill of the river or water out of the hose. Can stand it without flinching. Brrr.

  5. Cindy – I can’t remember WHERE I found this blog. I have my SHS blogs in one folder on my Rss reader and then random other blogs in another spot. If I enjoy one or two posts (ie would like to continue reading) then I go ahead and add it to my list. That way I can keep up with current posts, read old ones and see if it’s a keeper of a blog. :)

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