Homeschool Curriculum Sale

Too many books, games, teacher’s guides, puzzles, manipulatives, workbooks, novels, toys, magazines, computer games, books, books, books, and too little money.

Rachel and I went to a used curriculum sale this morning. She didn’t find as many treasures as I did but she was a lovely companion and good sport (especially as the hours dragged on and I continued shopping).

We ended up staying until the bitter (or sweet depending on how you look at things) end of the sale. At this point I definitely scored!! Almost all of the tables dropped their prices in half and several people started giving away their books for free. I think I got almost as many things free as I did at cost. Delightful!

I meant to spread everything out and take a picture but didn’t get around to it. Here are just a few of the things I found.


Of course, all of the homeschooling moms out there know that most/half (?) of these treasures will end up unused on my shelf. Sigh.

That doesn’t stop the glee of a good bargain and the roving eye of a curriculum junkie. Until next year!! :)

Project 365 – Day 160

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6 thoughts on “Homeschool Curriculum Sale”

  1. FUN! I rarely take time to go to used book sales… it’s just easier for me to shop via the internet and I NEVER take the time to actually reserve a table at a bookswap…. now if they had booksales in the WINTER maybe I would have time (LOL).

  2. Looks like you got quite the haul there, Kathy! What fun. I love book sales, but don’t go very often…I don’t do much shopping of any kind (except groceries) very often.

    I love the feeling of new school books.

  3. Cindy – I agree! I love shopping online. It’s so easy and convenient. We have Amazon Prime right now so if I need any new books I get free shipping (and can order any time). Book sales in the winter is a GREAT idea. January or February would be good. The holidays are over and people need something to do. Homeschooling moms could use a new spark in their schooling. I think you’re on to something. I might try to organize a little sale at our co-op around that time. Thanks for the idea.

    Do you sell your curriculum? I hope next year I can get a table with some friends and unload some of my things.

  4. Debbie – are you not a shopper (by hobby and enjoyment)? Or just too busy with the kiddos and too far away from easy shopping to go often? I am going to miss the big homeschool convention this year so I treated myself to two small used sales in its place.

    As always, thanks for writing and commenting on the blog!

  5. I was late to our big local hs fair this month. Four days late, in fact, and I missed it. I was really disappointed, because I was hoping to pick up some used books to fit with Beautiful Feet, which we’ll be using for the first time this coming year.

    Kathy, if they sit on your shelf unused, no big deal. You’ll experience the thrill of selling them at some point!


  6. What fun! I wish we had used curriculum sales here! So few home-edders use curriculum here, that there’d be no use for them.


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