Chandler Speaks

This afternoon we had the privilege of watching “Baby Chandler” who, at a year and a half is hardly a “baby” any more. You won’t be able to convince my children of that fact, however. They just love Baby Chandler. “Baby Chandler is so cute.” “Did you see what Baby Chandler did?” “Look, he’s waving.” “Oh now he’s laughing.” And on and on. According to the kids he’s the cutest baby ever (and obviously an abolute genius). Of course, to Sarah (who will turn 5 in July) he IS a baby. Thankfully (toddler or baby) Chandler is too young to be offended by the baby title.

Rachel and Daniel watch Chandler one day a week while Julee and I work out. It’s a great opportunity for them to practice their babysitting skills (on someone other than their brother and sister) and earn a bit of cash. Julee is kind and pays them for something they would probably be willing to do for free (or pay her to do, shush, don’t tell).

Today we had Chandler at our house (a rare treat). We took a few pictures and thought they deserved posting along with some of his possible thoughts.

I may be cute but I am NOT a baby. Look how fast I can make this spoon go. Faster than a speeding bullet. I’m more like a Super Toddler!

chandler's spoon

These people are so silly. They get fruit and veggies and sandwiches and what do they give me??? An airplane. And why are they all smiling like that? Do they think I’m going to be satisfied with this airplane? They had better watch out. Haven’t they seen what I can do with a spoon?

lunch with the kids

Help! Get me out of here! Run away. Save yourself!!!

ball with daniel

Wow, cool ball! I guess I can stay a little longer.

daniel outside

Chandler was a perfect visitor today. He entertained the children for hours. I even got some good vacuuming out of Daniel before Chandler arrived.

“Daniel, we need to make sure there’s nothing on the floor that could go into Chandler’s mouth.”
“You’re right, Mom! I’ll vacuum right away!”

Hey, maybe Chandler could come back on a regular basis so I could keep up with the vacuuming. Or at least get Daniel to keep up with the vacuuming. Chandler fell asleep about 5 minutes before his parents arrived to retrieve him (typical). When he awoke a little while later, Daniel carried him all the way home with Joshua and David in tow. I’m not sure if that means they were eager to get rid of him or wanted to be with him until the very last minute. Sweet kids. Oh, and Chandler’s not bad either. :)

Come back any time, Little Buddy!

Project 365 – Day 159

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6 thoughts on “Chandler Speaks”

  1. okay I have to chime in too – what an adorable little baby!!!!! (okay, little boy) Chandler is definately a cutie pie!! Makes me miss those days when they were just so irresistible……..

  2. I always love it when you show pics of Chandler, and the dialog made me laugh today! He’s a cutie-pie.

  3. Hi Kathy, It’s fun to see Chandler…I mean, it’s fun to see your kids too but, I see them almost everyday. Say, “Hi” to Julee for me! Love Beth

  4. Sweet little boy. Makes me anxious to see our Marvin at 1 and a half. I love boy kids. Thanks for sharing him with us. Hi to Julee. I love for you to have good friends, my sweet Katherine. Love you, AK

  5. Beth – thanks for writing. I know Julee likes showing off her boy. He’s so handsome. She was a bit worried about his hair in the pictures. Just kidding!

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