P365 – Day 91 Joshua’s Tortilla Soup

I’ve been meaning to try out this delicious soup ever since I read about it on Emily’s blog. I copied down the recipe and even passed it along to the EMF (E-Mail Family of aunts, friends and sister in law). I bought all the ingredients but the chicken broth. It’s hard to find a prepared chicken broth without sugar. So broth, no soup, that’s just how it goes.

Then I saw Dorothy had a vegetarianized version of the recipe on her blog. I always love reading Dorothy’s blog because she’s in England and uses words like “bunged” and “prithee” and “whilst.” You know those Brits, always trying to sound like they’re Shakespeare or something. Right now Dorothy and her family have Betty Puddles visiting them from New Hampshire. You can read about her trip to Hampton Court Palace here. Betty is a stuffed animal but don’t tell Dorothy and her family ’cause they think she’s real.

When I saw that Kristine had the soup posted on her blog as well (complete with pictures), I knew I just HAD to gather the rest of the ingredients and make this delicious sounding soup. I couldn’t let all of these women enjoy this recipe (bragging about it and eating all the leftovers) without getting in on the fun.

We had a Concert of Prayer at church this evening. As soon as I realized the event started at 5:30 pm (too early for dinner in this disorganized family), I knew it was a perfect chance to try out the Tortilla Soup. I asked Daniel to wash the crock pot and then gathered all the ingredients for Joshua (my chef du jour). He did a GREAT job of preparing the soup and everyone but Sarah and Rachel LOVED it. Somehow I gauged the salsa spicy factor just right for Tim and the children (ie NOT hardly spicy at all).

tortilla soup


28-32 oz. of chicken broth
2 cans refried beans
2 cans black beans, rinsed and drained (Tim isn’t crazy about black beans so I used 1 can of black beans and 1 can of navy beans)
2 c. cooked chicken, cubed (I cooked two chicken breasts in the microwave and then added it to the soup)
1 can corn, drained (we used 2 cans)
2 c. salsa (we used 1 cup of salsa and 1 can of diced tomatoes)
1 c. water (I forgot to add this)

2 c. shredded cheddar
tortilla chips
sour cream

Place first seven ingredients in a pot and simmer for ten minutes. Turn off heat, add cheese, and stir until melted. [I put ours in the crock pot on medium low for an hour or two]

Serve with tortilla chips, cheese and sour cream as desired.

Delicious! Thank you, Joshua, for making dinner.


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5 thoughts on “P365 – Day 91 Joshua’s Tortilla Soup”

  1. It was, in fact, quite tasty soup. I wouldn’t put too much stock in Sarah’s dislike of the soup — after the recent Grape Choking Incident she believes that any food might cause her to choke, and has decided to limit herself to a strict diet of Root Beer Floats. Hopefully this stage will pass. :)

    Let’s just hope that Joshua leaves me some leftovers (hint, hint), unless he wants to be on the next plane to the West Spitzbergen Military Academy for Recalcitrant Boys.

  2. Kathy,

    My favorite cookbook is a crock pot board book (yes, like you would give to a 2 year old) that tells you my level of cooking expertise. It shows photos of not only the finished product but, of each ingredient and the can it comes in. When I saw your photo which includes all the cans containing the ingredients I actually thought, “Hey I can open cans!” and I have a crock pot! I can make this. So, thanks for sharing.

    See you Weds. Beth

  3. You left out the most important ingredient – avocados, sprinkled liberally on top. I often order tortilla soup in the restaurant just to get a good helping of fresh avocado. Oh, and don’t forget fresh cilantro. Yumm!

  4. I am glad you all like the soup! I also like what your friend Carl recommended about the avocado’s. I have had it with avocado before at restaurants but never added it to my own. I will do that next time!

    Also, I love the idea about just sticking it in the crockpot . . .great for a day when it’s busy and I need the extra time!

  5. Well… if you guys all have this recipe on your blogs now I guess I’ll have to make it and add it to mine!

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