P365 – Day 87 (One pathetic picture)

It’s not that we had such a busy day. I could have taken more pictures. The children were brilliant and photogenic as always. We went places and did things – all potentially photo worthy.

Joshua made chocolate chip cookies for Sarah’s AWANA class – that would have been a great series of photos, featuring Chef Joshua (Baker Joshua?). Rachel and I ran some errands this evening. We could have taken some shots of Trader Joe’s (love that store) or the bulk food section at Fred Meyer. Julee and I went for a great walk this evening. Gorgeous sunset over the water.


All I ended up was this one, rather pathetic picture. I almost hate to post it, but I do have a Project 365 obligation to meet. Here it is. My picture for the day:

kids at the park

Kids at the park – even the title is rather pathetic.

I had a meeting at the park this afternoon with some awesome friends from the Women’s Retreat Team (we need those capital letters – helps us feel official). Normally I would spend most of the park time running (okay, walking) after the kids and taking fantastic pictures of their adorable cuteness, but this time I actually had to sit down and do some work. I guess my “awesome friends” don’t really understand the significance of this blog. Sigh. After the meeting I considered restaging the whole park/play time for the sake of some good pictures but I was so darn cold from sitting on the bench that I hurried us all home instead.

I can just see the little shake of his head and hear the scorn in Joshua’s voice as he reads this blog, “Only one picture, Mom, one?” Not quite a question, more a statement of disbelief. Such disappointment. I’m not sure how I will look him in the eye.

Tomorrow is another day, Joshua, that’s all I can say.


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9 thoughts on “P365 – Day 87 (One pathetic picture)”

  1. You can’t let your blog be influenced by detractors. I think it is a very nice picture … I’m ready for a new ‘All five’ picture to replace the one I have on my desk at work. After all, the original idea of P365 was to have a single picture every day. Just because you spoil us, day after day, doesn’t mean we’re entitled to more.

    Still, I would have liked to have seen that sunset. :)

  2. Well you could have called that photo, ‘Prince Philip Opens The New Gorilla House at London Zoo’ but I think that might have confused us all.

    Sorry, but I just heard about that on the evening news.


  3. Thanks, Dorothy! Now I know to be sure and check in with you before naming my posts. :) Of course, with my kids people wouldn’t have been confused at all – they definitely look like they belong near a gorilla house.

  4. I’m not oppossed to the restaging of the days events for the purposes of the blog, not that I do that at all (LOL ok one or twice). Everyday pictures are good too. Sounds like it was a fun day even if you haven’t many pictures to show.

  5. If these were my kids, I think they’d be jumping up and down!

    Oh, but wait. Holly’s been practicing “live action” shots for two weeks. Every hour she asks if we’ll move something, shake our heads, pose while pouring dog food into the bowl, swing necklaces, spit (really), and on and on, just so she can practice. She even pretended to innocently come into my bedroom, and when she grabbed something and RAN out, I had to explain to dh that she took more batteries. (Not a problem, they are hidden in my room from my ds, not from her!)

    It’s fun to have a new hobby, and it’s a blessing to be able to include your children in it too!

  6. Cool, Kristine! What kind of live action shots is she taking? Is this a setting on the camera? Do share some more. Of course, I’m laughing here as I picture Holly running in and sneaking batteries to support her photography habit. :)

  7. Oh, I don’t have any idea how she does these! She’s taking a photog. class through co-op, and the male teacher is a professional–who supports his family of 6 with his talents. She’s already confiscated Robert’s camera, which is good since she’s the only one who knows how to use it (and she’s not telling).

    Two weeks ago, we had two looooong sessions of dropping Oreos in milk, which was her specific class assignment, trying to capture those big splashes of milk AND getting the Oreo in the shot too. I finally moved it outside. I was the cookie dropper (meaning I got messy), and I learned that a cookie is only good for four drops before it turns to complete mush and should be eaten. By the photographer, according to Holly.


  8. Sometimes I intentionally leave my camera at home so I can enjoy the day… or is that so my kids can enjoy the day?

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