Hot Summer (??) Days

We are having a run of lovely, warm days here in Washington.

Sarah in pink
Sarah finishes her breakfast before church.

Perhaps it’s to make up for the long run of rain we had in the winter. Whatever the reason, I am certainly enjoying it thoroughly. The children love the sunshine and have loaded up the freezer with Otter Pops (a sure sign summer is here).

Daniel and David
Daniel and David enjoy the swing ball set.

Last weekend Tim set up the tent on Saturday evening and let the kids have a little camp out. Somehow (tragedy of all tragedies) we didn’t take ANY pictures of the whole event! I’m not sure how we let such an exciting evening go undocumented. Tim and David put the tent in the back yard while the rest of us were dropping off a friend from a play date. There was so much excitement as the kids ran out to see the little tent. They spent the rest of the evening dragging every pillow and blanket (it seemed) that we have out to the tent.

In the end only Rachel and Joshua actually slept all night in the tent. Tim read the Bible chapter to the kids out in the tent and I joined them for a bit. We were quite, ahem, packed in–it’s not a very big tent, certainly not a family sized one. It didn’t help that Rachel and David/Sarah had brought out several stuffed animals to join in the fun. By the time everyone settled down it was quite late and the little ones were very tired. I took them inside and put them to bed. Daniel came in shortly thereafter. Both Daniel and David changed their minds and tried to go back out into the tent but it was close to (or after) 11 pm and I knew they really needed a good night’s sleep. They fussed some and promptly fell right asleep.

Tim's tomatoes
Tim’s tomato plants–we eat a LOT of tomatoes in this family and hope to grow a few of our own this summer.

The children have already played with water several times. I’m not sure why they haven’t washed my van yet–perhaps the novelty of that runs out fairly quickly. I’ve spoken to several friends who have set up pools in their back yards.

Water fight!
Rachel and Joshua enjoy a friendly game with water.

There is a definite air of summer about. Sadly, I am fairly certain it’s not here to stay. Usually you can count on summer’s arrival by July 4th. Before that time it doesn’t really stay nice and warm here in Washington. We’ll see what this year will hold. I’ve certainly been very thankful for the sunshine and warm days.

We tried to do our school reading outside yesterday. That was a total bust! The children couldn’t pay attention–it’s too hot, it’s too sunny, I need a drink, etc. My goodness! What a girl has to go through just to enjoy a little sunshine. Finally I sent them all off to do some more tablework and sat down to do some weeding. Daniel and Rachel did their work outside near me but we didn’t do our reading. It was a good lesson for me–I can certainly be out in the gorgeous weather but had better plan on doing our school work inside where everyone can focus on the subject at hand. Ah well. I guess that means I can give up the idea of doing school at the pool/club this summer.

Sarah in bathing suit
Doesn’t this girl look like she wants to do some serious school!


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