Happy Birthday Uncle MoMo!

Today is Tim’s brother’s birthday. We so enjoyed having the PMGE’s living neaby last year. We got to celebrate many holidays and birthdays together. What a joy that was. We miss them!

When we used to live on the peninsula, Mark would often make the trip out to visit us if he was passing through on business. We felt very honored that he would drive all that way just to spend a little time with us. One year Elmo was very popular with the little ones. I can’t remember the exact details but somehow we introduced Mark to David and Sarah as Uncle MoMo. I think they were being silly and asked if he was Elmo. We quickly responded, no, he was Uncle MoMo. This knickname has been ruthlessly repressed by Mark and the rest of his family but still makes an occasional appearance here at our house.

Here’s a picture of Tim and his favorite (one and only) brother, Uncle MoMo.

Notice the characteristic expressions of mature dignity appropriate to men of such high and lofty purpose.

Happy Birthday Mark!!!

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