A Very Merry Christmas

We had a great Christmas Day celebration. We woke around 8 am, some sore (well, mostly me) and some cold from having slept all together on the floor in the family room. We opened stockings, read the Christmas story from the gospel of Luke, and ate a delicious French Toast casserole and quiche breakfast. We managed to open five or six rounds of presents over the course of the day (each present must be duly admired and appreciated), well mixed with games and movies and time to play with the various toys.

At one point we visited the local park, where we walked around the lake and inaugurated the new plastic rocks they have installed.

I was able to be King of the Rock after pushing all the smaller kids off, but my reign was brief.

One of the most appreciated gifts of the day were these fine Scooters, given by Mamie and Grandad to the middle three kids. Happily, we had a reasonably warm and sunny day, and the scooters were immediately tested and approved.

David gets upset if his scooter gets dirty, and Daniel has already tried several stunts on his.

I was in church a couple of Sundays ago, and a friend commented on my strong singing voice, as often happens to me when I sing out with enthusiasm. I finally decided to go ahead and make an audition recording to submit to our worship pastor … hopefully they’ll let me sing sometime. Here’s a link if you’re interested:

O Night Divine

OK, I’ll admit this was not my best effort … I think maybe my throat was a little sore from Christmas caroling or something. Still, you’d think I would hear back from the worship pastor … it has been a week since I submitted my audition, and still no word … weird. What do you think? :)

Tim the Crooner

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