Project 365 – Day Eight (Mon-J)

Ah, the second week of Project 365 (such an impressive sounding title–ha). Dinner is just about ready so I have a few minutes to write before we sit down to eat. The angel hair pasta is bubbling on the stove, the veggies are happily sautéing, the meatballs are done and the spinach is ready for a sprinkling of fresh parmesan cheese. Yum. Not too bad considering I just returned home less than an hour ago.

Today is Joshua’s Project 365/Special Day. As I went downstairs this morning I saw Joshua working at his desk and had an inspiration for his blog. I would try to capture his school day in pictures.

Morning Joshua
Early morning math time.

Joshua and Grandpa (Tim’s dad) built this wonderful loft/desk two years ago. Joshua appreciates having a quiet place to do some of his studies. Here he is tackling a math lesson. This year he is working through Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra. Joshua is a ‘morning person wannabe.’ He loves the idea of waking early and getting a jump start on school. In practice, however, he tends to stay up too late to really be a natural morning person. For Christmas my parents gave him a cd radio/alarm clock. Joshua was thrilled that he could put in his new worship cd, set his alarm and wake up before the rest of the family gets moving. I guess with two ‘morning people’ grandmothers, it’s not surprising at least one of the children would have that deviant gene. Lol!

Joshua and science
After breakfast and a hot shower, it’s time for science.

Moving on to another part of the house. For science this year, we debated between Rainbow Science and Apologia’s General Science. Both programs came highly recommended. A SHS friend had a copy of Rainbow Science for sale (which made it tempting). Still, I know people who rave about Apologia’s curriculum, which put me into a bit of a quandary. Thankfully the Washington Homeschool Organization (WHO) conference came along just in time to aid me in my decision. I was able to look over, examine, and price the two different programs. I immediately realized Joshua would LOVE the Rainbow Science. The text is written in an entertaining and approachable manner (complete with “clean up your mess” instructions at the end of lab assignments). The illustrations are colorful and eye-catching. The price (thanks Shawn!) was great. I only had to order the renewable supplies package.

Joshua's book
Thoroughly enjoying his book!

Later on in the day, Joshua had finished much of his work and stole a moment to do some reading on Big Blue (a favorite reading spot). Joshua’s Christmas presents this year were mainly books and board games. He is in the middle of several books (typical of most bibliophiles) and is seen here devouring a book by John White, The Tower of Geburah.

tower of G

Joshua describes the series as tales Tolkien and C.S. Lewis would have written had they collaborated. Interesting. Makes me want to grab a book and sit down to read as well.

The children often draw while they listen to our history and reading lessons. We have several books in the Draw Write Now series which provide step by step drawing instructions and short sentences for writing practice. Daniel and Rachel do most of their work in the Draw Write Now Workbooks.

Draw Write Now workbook

For Christmas I found some additional drawing books to add to our collection. Now we have How to Draw Christmas Pictures, How to Draw Faces, and How to Draw People. Joshua was obviously inspired by these instructional guides and wanted to apply some real life finesse to his art.

J and S 1J and S 2J and S 3J and S 4
Thankfully his sister is a willing model.

For his Special Day with Tim, Joshua chose to play one of his new games, Thurn and Taxis.
Thurn and TaxisThurn and Taxis 2

The rest of the family is (had to do some grammar checking to see if the word ‘family’ requires a singular or plural verb. Read here for an interesting discussion on the subject of collective nouns) more than happy to let Joshua and Tim figure out how to play the more complicated, strategy games. They will work out the details and then we will join them. Anyone up for a new game??

Well, that was Joshua’s day in a nutshell. Ha! At least it was snippets of his day. School, reading, playing games. Sounds like a good life. I didn’t bring my camera to the Y or I would have also included pictures of Joshua running around the track and playing wallyball and basketball. Next week maybe.


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  1. Thurn and Taxis turned out to be yet another game that is simple enough to play by a younger child, yet possessing subtle complexities that challenge an older player. As mentioned in this review the game is less about interacting with an opponent and more about planning and scheming alongside them. Based on a family business in 16th century Germany and Italy, the game awards bonus points for being the first to connect various regions with postal service. At one point I built an elaborate circular route and cleverly painted myself into a corner which led to the abandonment of that route and (ultimately) the loss of the game. I was pleased to see that we were able to play the game in about an hour, which is a good length of time for a game.
    The game is attractively designed and nicely playable, but as we continue our game fest, we can’t help wondering if we could develop a decent game ourselves … ?

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