Have to share these pictures

I couldn’t end my blogging without posting these pictures. Some fun shots here.

Grandma and Grandpa with the Grandkiddies:

sarah and g'mag'ma and g'pa and family

Black and White shots of Sarah upstairs:


Sarah’s attempt to take my pictures. Ha!

k's vest

My two sweet girls:

the three girls

Joshua reading and waiting (patiently??) for the rest of us to come and start our couch time/reading.

joshua waits

The older children (perhaps feeling poor after Christmas) all jumped at the opportunity to wash the cars for cash. Daniel had gone off at this point but worked on the van alongside Rachel.

spraying rachelrachel sprays againjoshua washes daddy's car

That’s pretty much it. The kids are excited as my parents are arriving from Michigan on Saturday. I don’t know how we’ll keep our blog pictures to a reasonable number. Tim will surely keep me in line. He and I blog differently – I use more pictures and he uses more words. Aren’t we a wonderful team!!

A friend sent me all sorts of name possibilities for our cream couch. Some of her suggestions were: sugar loaf, brioche, dough boy, eclair, cream, marshmallow, etc. How fun! Tim immediately seized upon the name “Dough Boy” and has insisted we keep it. hmmm. We certainly have a yummy sounding set of furniture. What shall we call the orange chair???

orange chair


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3 thoughts on “Have to share these pictures”

  1. Tim reminded me that Doughboy was the term used for the men America sent to France in the Great War, who licked Kaiser Bill and fought to make the world safe for Democracy. That sounds better than Pillsbury Dough boy. Ha!!

    Emily–I hope you come up with some good suggestions for my orange chair!

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