P365 – Day 68 (Friends galore)

Thank you, Tim, for being a guest blogger here on the site. :) Come by anytime and write some more.

I am committed to getting to bed at a decent hour tonight. It’s already 10:30 pm so some might say I’m already behind. Those people probably got up before 8 am so we know what they are (hint, riff raff).

I had my camera with me today and actually remembered to take pictures. So often I’m focused and busy and don’t step out of the activity to photograph it.

Sarah is very blessed to have several young girls her age in her circle of homeschooling friends.

girls playingSarah and friends

Last week she and Rachel went over to a friend’s house for a sleepover. It’s such a treat that Sarah has special friends. One of the added joys of befriending a big family is that there are companions of all ages. Two of these playground girls have older sisters that are friends of Rachel’s. This week a pair of sisters came over to our house to play. Rachel went to see Little Women with the older sister and a youth leader from church. Sarah played dolls and dress up with the younger sister.

Joshua has also made some wonderful friends at our homeschooling co-op. They have done birthdays and sleepovers and all sorts of get togethers.

Joshua's buddies

Lunch hour at the co-op is when the moms are able to sit down and visit. Yes, there are interruptions from little (and big) ones constantly, but there is also opportunity for lively discussion. Healthy eating and the difficulties and challenges of feeding a large family is often the topic of our conversation, hence the orange.

Jen's orange

Thanks for taking this picture, Holly! We should have taken one more with you in it.

I didn’t get pictures of David and Daniel today. One of Daniel’s favorite things to do is play with little Isaac (younger brother of Rachel and Sarah’s sister friends). He is wonderful with the little Isaac and follows (chases) him all over the lunch room. David usually manages to find some friend to wrestle.

My problem is feeding them enough lunch to cover them for the day AND all the running around they do while eating lunch. I think they burn the calories faster than they take them in.

ring around the rosy

Friends are so important and I am very thankful for the people God has brought into our lives.


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2 thoughts on “P365 – Day 68 (Friends galore)”

  1. I realize this is hardly friends ‘galore,’ more like a few friends. I love the picture of Sarah and the other four year olds. Because we homeschool the children aren’t in big classrooms of kids their same age. Birthday parties tend to be family parties. It’s rare that the kids will have a large group of friends – they tend to be in more small, focused groups. Sometimes I feel sorry for the children when I hear of a friend’s daughter having 14 girls at her birthday party. Then I think about buying 14 presents for all the parties that would follow. Ha! Interesting to reflect on it all.

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