P365 – Day 78 Chapter Time

Grey day. Steady rain. Coughing children. Tired mama. Doesn’t this sound like a great start to the week? I think the cold medicine I took last night knocked me out because it was 7 am when I glanced at the clock this morning, and all I did was turn over for a second and it was 9:30 am. Yikes! That’s pushing things a bit late, even for me.

heads down

Brainstorming ideas of how to get mom out of bed in the morning????

Despite the rainy and grey ["can't go outside and play"] weather, the coughing children, and the tired homeschooling mommy, we actually did accomplish quite a bit today. We did lots of school. Read our books. I finished a good portion of my BSF. Rachel made pumpkin, oatmeal, raisin cookies (with a few chocolate chips thrown in the mix) for a snack. Dinner cooked in the crock pot.

Most importantly, I discovered why Joshua is often found reclining on the couch known as Dough Boy. It is incredibly comfortable! Tim and I finished our movie and I would have been content to spend the whole evening in that cozy couch. So nice.

Tim, even with his pathetic, scratchy voice, read the chapter to the children this evening. I listened in a little bit. They are in one of the gospels. Sounds like John to me but perhaps it’s Matthew. They read out of the Picture Bible (I think) which is colorful enough to please Daniel and David, and meaty and true to the story to suit the rest of the group.

Here they are smiling for the camera. Sarah fell asleep before they started so I said I would PhotoShop her in. Of course, I don’t have PhotoShop so I guess we’ll just keep the picture the way it is. :)

smiling for the camera

Almost every night (less when the crew is all sick) Tim reads to the children from the Bible. He also takes the time to pray with them. I think he is awesome for making time to teach the children God’s Word and being so faithful week after week. Yay Tim! How many years has it been now?

I’ve already taken my nightly meds so I had better crawl upstairs before I pass out down here in front of the computer. Lovely.


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5 thoughts on “P365 – Day 78 Chapter Time”

  1. Hi Samuel! We read Proverbs and John at our school time. We’re not following Sonlight’s Bible assignments this year. Are you doing Remembering God’s Awesome Acts? Joshua is the only one of the three kids going through that book and I forgot to assign it the last two weeks. He’s had a break, lucky kid!

  2. I think it is wonderful that you have a family Bible and prayer time. I try and have a small devotional at breakfast, but it doesn’t always work out.

    I would love to have Brian do this for us, but he is out of the house at 5:15 am…I tad bit early for me. Maybe we should try the dinner or after dinner time slot.

  3. Kathy, I hope you all are feeling better soon! There is so much going around right now. I’ll be praying for you all.

  4. Debbie – uh, 5:15 am would be a little early for me as well. :) I know some people who do their Bible or read alouds during meals but I can’t ever get the kids to be quiet enough to listen to anything serious over a meal. I think it’s the age span – the older three would be okay but it’s pretty difficult for the younger two. I’d rather we just visit and enjoy each other. Often I find myself making my lunch while the kids are eating theirs and then I send them off to play while I sneak a few moments to myself to eat.

    Bedtime works best for our family devotion time. The kids like being able to get out of bed and read the chapter with Dad (makes them feel like they are ‘staying up late’). We are NOT consistent, structured people so the fact that Tim does this many nights a week and has done so for years is a HUGE miracle.

    Michele – thanks for the prayers. We’ve been so healthy that I’ve really taken it for granted. Now I listen to coughs all day long. Ha!

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