P365 – Day 115 (Middle School)

Joshua’s Middle School Small Group came to our house this evening. It was quite an honor to be chosen as the host for the night. The standards were high. The e-mail from one of the leaders said,

All we ask from our hosts is:

1) A godly example of a Christian home
2) A place to meet
3) A snack

I imagine #1 was important to the leaders but not something the 7th graders particularly care about (or even notice). #2 was high on the list for both leaders and the students. #3, however, was the real killer. Gotta have a snack (or more than one if possible).

We’re talking about teenagers. Boy teenagers. The kind that come through, eat all the snacks in the pantry and then wonder how soon dinner will be served.

I bought a large bag of chips. There was a half cup of crumbs left by the end. Joshua made a delicious looking pan of brownies. The younger children were so excited. They just knew there would be extras left over and they could all have a snack before bed.

Ha! What silly thoughts! As if nine 7th graders and two youth workers would walk away from the house while there were still brownies left in the pan. I think it’s pretty much part of the contract they sign going in to middle school.

“I, Joshua, do solemnly promise to eat all the food that is placed before me as well as the food placed in front of my neighbor (if he is so foolish to close his eyes during prayer time).”

The boys were loud and boisterous although Joshua says they were surprisingly subdued this evening (ah, a matter of perspective perhaps). I put on headphones and drowned out the noisy sound of chip crunching and brownie slurping.

I did manage to get a picture or two before the horde departed.

middle school

It’s wonderful to have a church family and a group of adult Christians who care about your children and wish to see them grow in their walk with the Lord. The snacks are just a perk!


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6 thoughts on “P365 – Day 115 (Middle School)”

  1. LOL! So glad you were able to have them all over to your house! We like it when the youth group(s) come out here, too! You’re right though.. there’s NEVER enough food for that age (LOL).

  2. Actually there could be enough food if you had the money,$999,999,999 should suffice for about one week, LOL. Anyway, try having the kitchen blocked off with a trusty armed( A large pouch of hard plastic darts and a bunch of crossbows and about thirty backup gaurds.) young lad and some barbed wire. Or if it’s winter in Norway hide the food in the basement. I have a 16-year-old brother after all.

  3. I LOVE the pic of all the boys. YEA for having them in your home and for being a godly home environment. I am so proud of you.

    Clever mom to have the teen boy do some of the cooking. Of course, that is a talent of dear J’s anyway.


  4. What fun! We have had mixed feelings about the youth group at our church. It would be wonderful to really love the group your children are in. The boys sure look like they had a great time.

  5. Having a 12 yo boy myself (and an 11 yo girl for that matter!) I so know what you mean about the dissapearing food. Where do they put it!?

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