P365 – Day 110 (The Play is On)

I am finally getting around to posting the blog about the kids’ play, How the West Was Dun from last week.

It’s Friday and time for the big play, time for the kids to ‘break a leg’ and show us all their stuff. The children stayed at the church all afternoon and into the evening, getting ready for the play. Bless the drama teacher!!! She works so hard and is always cheerful and encouraging.


Band of Outlaws

The play was wonderful! It was funny and silly and full of intrigue and romance and bad guys! As Rachel commented on yesterday’s blog, the drama class was shorter this year (by 20 minutes each week and a month in total duration) so the kids had much less time to practice. There were several painful moments on the stage when the actor didn’t remember their lines. Yikes! Not good. Unfortunately the drama teacher was in the back working the lights and there wasn’t anyone in the wings to help prompt the kids.

Ah, the show must go on, nonetheless.

Joshua played the banker and all around ruthless bad guy. He did a great job with all of his lines and could have used a microphone (although he, of all the actors, really knows how to project his voice). Joshua, as Rich Coldheart, longed to marry the widow’s daughter, not for love, but for her money. He had an evil scheme in which he would get the widow’s land and possibly the beautiful daughter as well. Wicked!


Joshua and Polly Wanda Cracker

Rachel was one of the group of ‘bad guys.’ She played the Schizeophrenic Kid and switched back and forth between a bad and good character/criminal, depending on what hat she was wearing (black or white). She had a great deal of lines and delivered them perfectly. It was hysterical watching her change from well-spoken, polite gunswoman to nasty, rough scoundrel.

rachel's group

Rachel is on the far right. What a crew!

Daniel starred as the Lone Stranger. Much of the play was a take off on stereotypes and typical Western fare. Daniel had some very funny lines (and wore two layers of black masks which provided some fun physical humor). He wasn’t on the stage nearly enough! The drama class provided a wonderful opportunity for Daniel to try his hand at acting. It encouraged him in his reading and public speaking as well as taught him something of the work involved in the world of theater.


“Sorry, my friend, but his name was Toronto (my ex-faithful companion). I finally understood what he was saying. I thought he was saying Kemosabe, but it turned out he was calling me ‘Unclean and Snobby.’ I had to fire him.”

What a fun, fun evening! I took as many pictures as I could. We are sincerely hoping one of the other parents got the play on video so we can see it again.


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11 thoughts on “P365 – Day 110 (The Play is On)”

  1. FUN FUN! We just performed in our 10th MCT play on Friday night and I hope to blog those pictures VERY SOON! It’s awesome. One thing they do when auditioning kids is open up spots for assistant directors! I don’t even know how we would do plays anymore without those assistant directors.. they cue the kids, remind them of their lines right before they go out, run the lights, set up the sound system, etc. Maybe you guys could have some of the older kids be assistant directors next year? There is an amazing amount of organizational info to be learned from that position. Our oldest dd was an AD for her last 3 performances and she loved it even more than being on stage! It was a great experience. Just a thought for you guys for next year.

  2. I loved playing Polly Wanda Cracker it was so much fun!!! Josh you were an awesome Rich Coldheart, Rachel you were sooooooo funny you and the Deputy were my favorite people in the play, and Daniel you had some of the funniest lines in the play you were GREAT!!! I can’t wait until next semester for the next performance. It will be SPECTACULAR!!!!!!

  3. I think you should send some of your plays to the Alamo Village. They could use some new material- and yours sound wonderful!!

    Loved the pics. Aunt Kate

  4. It looks wonderful!! Although there may have been some forgotten lines, what a great experience for the kids to KNOW that there wouldn’t be that kind of help available, and they were encouraged on their own to continue, improvise, or remember.

    Kathy, I do the same thing, take tons of pictures but then miss out on the flow of whatever it is. It’s a hard choice, but I appreciate having those pics around later for my kids.


  5. Bethany – you were a beautiful and well acted Polly! Thank you for all your kind words about the other children (especially Daniel who felt a little left out in the attention given to his older siblings).

    I have some other great pictures of Polly and her brother, Deputy Dudley. I need to be sure and pass them along. Not to mention the great one of little Tarah holding a gun. Priceless!

  6. Cindy – I need to pick your brain about the assistant director thing. What a GREAT idea! Joshua acted as scene director (or something like that) this year and last. He cued the different actors and made sure they were heading out on stage at the right time. He really enjoyed it but he also had a fairly decent size part in the play itself.

    What all does the assistant director do? Do they start out with that role from the very beginning? Does it need to be an adult or can one of the older children really be a help in this way? Something to think about. Thanks for the great idea!

  7. Aunt Kate – you are right! Alamo Village needs the children to help them with some fresh material! I think the kids loved this play in part because of their fondness for the wonderful western skits at Alamo Village. :) Thanks for commenting. Love you!

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