"Help!  I'm being loved to death!"

Sarah and the Cat (not the fat one)

It is still very strange to think that we have two cats. We call them ‘the fat one’ and ‘the other one’, and we hope they can’t understand us.

Of course, as Rachel pointed out, if they can understand us, they have some explaining to do: why they don’t obey us, come when we call, etc.

"Help! I'm being loved to death!"

The ‘fat one’ label is courtesy of the vet, who called our cats ‘fat and happy’. Rachel took it to heart, and has tried to avoid over-feeding them since, but the little black kitten still seems a little, well, portly.

Anyway, the other kitten (aka Miri) is mellow and enjoys being petted and held, considerably more than the ‘fat one’ does. We love ‘em both, though.


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7 thoughts on “Sarah and the Cat (not the fat one)”

  1. Perhaps if they were not being called, ‘the fat one’ and ‘the other one’, they would be more willing to respond when spoken to.

    I love the family picture header by the way, one of our favorite families!
    How did Joshua get out of the matchy-matchy boy’s shirts? :)

  2. most adorable “other one” kitten being held by your sweet girl! Such a cute little lion-like face!

  3. This is an adorable photo. We put OUR new dog on a doggie diet…that and hourly Walks with the kids has trimmed her down. We even had to buy her a new collar as she slipped out of it.

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