P365 – Day 132 (A Mother’s Day Gift)

Tim and the children went off for the day, the whole entire day, leaving me alone. Alone. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Sorry. I’m still a bit giddy with the luxury of it all. So I spent most of the time working on laundry and cleaning, it was quiet. If it wasn’t quiet it was because I was listening to music or lectures or sermons on my new, super cool Mother’s Day MP3 player.

Did I mention I was alone all day?

Here are the sweet kiddos who made me a Mother.


Picnic lunch out on the property.

There was a work party and board meeting out at the Retreat Center. The logs and stone are slowly being added to the building. It’s very exciting! The new, hand crafted, door is gorgeous!!



Is there something wrong about celebrating some of the Mother’s Day weekend totally alone, no children in sight? Thankfully I have a wonderfully understanding and supportive husband who knows I rarely have any time to myself and is thrilled to give me the gift of time. Since, tomorrow we are hosting a party for our Small Group and I will surely be busy with cooking and cleaning duties, Tim was pleased to let me have today “off.”

Ah. I washed laundry, swept floors, organized and put away clothes and papers, read e-mail, talked to one of my brothers, sorted Polly Pockets and Playmobil, did more and more and more laundry (I still have at least 5 loads before I’m all caught up), listened to an excellent talk on evangelism and 2 long sessions on parenting and even had time to begin one of my dad’s sermons (I am crazy about this new MP3 player). Some people might think this sounds like a work day but I was alone and didn’t have to take care of anyone but myself. I didn’t have to go anywhere or make any significant decisions (other than ‘Polly Pocket in this bin and Playmobil into the other’). I ate lunch at 2 pm and dinner at 8 pm. I stayed in my sloppy clothes the whole day (never did get a shower).

Truly a day for the special pages. :) I hope your Saturday was just as lovely.


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6 thoughts on “P365 – Day 132 (A Mother’s Day Gift)”

  1. So what kind of MP3 player did you get? I absolutely LOVE mine and love how it makes doing the mundane (i.e. working out, cleaning, etc.) much more enjoyable.

  2. Sounds like your day was priceless! I’m pretty impressed that you worked on your “day off”. But, I bet you felt a great sense of worth in the day to have accomplished so much! And I bet Tim was glad to come home to a happy wife and a clean-er house. You are a lovely wife.

    Now, as your BSF leader I have to ask…Did you work on BSF??? :)

    You don’t have to answer that! :) OK I’ve got to get ready for church now…(Scott ran a half marathon this morning!). I sat in Tulley’s and drank coffee!) Happy Mothers’ Day! Love, Beth

  3. Hah, I’ve had those quiet Mother’s Days too when I needed them. They were much needed, and I always felt a little guilty about it. I’m quite sure that I didn’t do any of the work that you accomplished!

    Happy Mother’s Day, Kathy!

  4. Diann – do you wear yours around the house? You are so right, it really does make mundane jobs much more cheerful and entertaining. I’m excited because I have a big set (maybe 11 cd’s) on marriage from a pastor I really enjoy. I can’t wait to load the lectures on to my MP3 player and listen away.

    I got a Creative Zen 2 GB player in hot pink! It’s adorable and small and totally handy (as long as I don’t lose it–ha).

  5. I always get more work done in a very short amount of time when the kiddos are elsewhere.

    Love how the retreat house is shaping up!

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