P365 – Day 131 (David’s Great Loss)

Ah, it’s an emotional day in a parent’s life when their child (be it their first or their last or somewhere in between) loses his first tooth.

david's first tooth

Last week David bumped into a boy in his swim class and came out of the ordeal with a loose tooth. It was his first one and he was rather worried, distracted and excited about the whole thing. He wiggled it and even tugged on it (when asked) but basically waited patiently for it to fall out. Yesterday a soccer ball connected with his face in a rather friendly way, no doubt trying to help the loose tooth on its merry way.

Today, in the bathtub of all places, the tooth fell out! I don’t know how David managed to keep hold of the tooth in the midst of all those bubbles, but he did.

got a tooth

Later on, dressed with hair brushed, David told me, “And I’ve got another one loose right here.”

Sniff. In the middle of all the chaos and busyness which is our life, I am sometimes awestruck that the Lord gave me these precious five children. That He lets me walk through their days, their accomplishments and failures. That He lets me share in the shaping of their lives.

I love that this blog has become a regular part of our family journey. What a gift to have a pictorial journal of this year – everything from silly to spiritual, serious to sadness.

Happy Tooth-Losing Day, David!


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5 thoughts on “P365 – Day 131 (David’s Great Loss)”

  1. Kathy,
    I’m also hoping that daily blogging is here to stay for you! I LOVE being part of your day to day life even from a few states away! I’m also hoping that I can get back to more regular blogging very soon.

  2. Great pictures, Kathy! David looks very much like a older boy now that he has lost his first tooth. How exciting!

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