Playing Favorites

In our ongoing and insatiable desire to increase the number of people who read our blog, we’ve created a new page, entitled Favorites. We’ve picked out a few of the entries that we think are representative of the ‘best of the blog’ over the three-plus years that we have been writing.

It would be interesting to us to hear from our readers with regard to the blog entries which you most enjoyed. Perhaps if you encounter one that you think is worth remembering, you could nominate it for ‘Favorites’ in a comment.

Rachel ponders her favorite blogs
Rachel is no doubt working on another Guest Blogger post.

To inspire (encourage, bribe) our readers to comment, we’re offering a new copy of Third Day’s cd, Wherever You Are. Pick a favorite blog, submit a comment and you will be automatically included in a drawing for this Grammy Award winning cd. The drawing will close on Sunday at midnight (Pacific Time Zone). One entry per person (although feel free to nominate as many blogs as strike your fancy). Sarah (age 4) will select the winning entry.


Tim and Kathy

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9 thoughts on “Playing Favorites”

  1. My favorite blog so far has been Tim’s blog about the butterfly pin he made for our esteemed mother! I laughed and laughed because as I am now a mother myself, I, too, have been the receipient of some great “treasures”. I’ve counted the days until the treasure could be stored in a “safe” place. Tim no doubt worked tirelessly until his new masterpiece was finished. As we all know my beloved ugly ladybug was quite cherished also. Mom LOVED each gift as though it was equal with the Hope Diamond. No matter how ugly the gift was, mom still loved the thought and effort that went into each gift. At times it can take some effort to not giggle and laugh over these beloved treasures. However, I must point out that my ugly ladybug is still in existence on my windowsill (remember, mom thought it was time for her to pass it back to me) and Tim’s seems to have disappeared – FOREVER! As the saying goes ~ some are more equal than others…..ha!

  2. I want to be entered to win. I want to win.

    I can’t remember a favorite. Which was the one that talked about Aunt Kate and Aunt Stephanie?

    I liked the one of all the old cakes. That was wonderful.

    I liked Joshua’s most recent one- about crispy vs mushy broccoli, etc.

    I like the ones where Katherine says how sweet Tim is and he responds with like sentiments.

    I LOVE THE BLOGS. Aunk Kate

  3. I have to say I enjoy your blog so much…but two favorite recent posts where Tim’s on his Prayer Conference and Kathy’s on What I Learned Today.

    I enjoy your humorous posts, but your more thought provoking ones really make me think.

    I appreciate you both for taking the time to write such a wonderful blog. Thank you! :-)

  4. Did I read that I was suppose to vote for my favorite blog? I probably am not doing this correctly BUT….. my vote goes to a “A Guy and His Wheels”! Could you have guessed? Not only was the boy adorable and just screamed “kiss me I am so cute” J but the writing was witty and fun.

  5. Tim’s bugging me to update the section of the favorites to include mine. He spent a LONG time going through old blogs and picking out his favorites. I need to set aside some time to see which ones I especially enjoyed (writing and reading).

    De’Etta – I haven’t read the death march hike story in a long time. Definitely need to go back and revisit that little adventure.

    Thanks for commenting, everyone!

  6. This was too hard to even attempt! I read through your recent entries last week but had no time to comment (although I couldn’t have posted here!).

    Dorothy is shameless, isn’t she?!

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