Traveling Jungle Gym

Sometimes you don’t have time to rent or borrow a truck. You can’t be bothered with a little thing like transportation details. In that situation, the best thing to do is gather a crew of locals and haul the goods by hand. I came home from the Y this morning to find a team on the lawn, mobilized and ready to go.

Okay guys, we need to get this to baby Chandler. Let’s line up and grab a side.

jungle climber

David and Sarah, I don’t want you slacking on the job. Everybody works in this family, now lift!!

lifting up

Mom, you coming? You’re getting left behind. Surely you can keep up with us, can’t you? That camera isn’t too heavy, is it?

walk away

Many hands make a light load. Good job, guys!

lifting together

Joshua leads the way while David carries his side with one finger. What a team!


And here he is, waiting patiently for the kids to get his new toy put into place. Enjoy the Jungle Climber, Chandler!

chandler's fans

Project 365 – Day 148

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5 thoughts on “Traveling Jungle Gym”

  1. Many hands make light work, indeed. One of the cool things about having a large family is that we can, when mobilized, accomplish some things very quickly. As the kids grow in size and maturity, we are discovering more opportunities for our family to serve — it is fun to descend upon a problem like locusts and make short work of it, and I’m not only talking about buffet tables!

    For a long time, that Jungle Climber lived inside our house — we bought it for the little two kids for Christmas 2003, I think. At the time, we had a large, high-ceilinged dining room with no furniture in it … very fun for the little ones to climb and slide on it. Now it is time for another little person to enjoy it — we hope you like it, Chandler!

  2. This is wonderful. The pictures are so bright and colorful!!

    I love your family. You are kind and generous and FUN.

    See you in a few weeks. Aunt Kate

  3. Chandler and I are so thrilled! I was visiting an elderly neighbor last night and her first question was “What was that big thing coming down the street?” I told her how thankful I was to have such a treasure for my little boy and our next son. The Dilley boys will enjoy it for several years to come. Thank you so much for the front curb delivery service. I was just as blown away to see you all coming into the front lawn. What a blesssing you were to my hubby who was sure he was in for a big disassemble, transport and reassemble project. You gave him the gift of time. Thanks for being such a blessing in all of our lives!

  4. LOL…how fun! I’m sure you turned a few heads as you walked down the street.

    Isn’t it wonderful to be able to bless someone else!

    Great job, team.

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